LINCOLN COUNTY, Oklahoma (KFOR) – One person faces charges and another is grateful to be unharmed after poacher shots targeting a deer hit a Lincoln County man’s bedroom .

Now the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife is issuing an important reminder of the laws in place to keep you and your family safe.

“If you hunt a lot, you will have several chances of hitting a dee. There’s nothing wrong with taking a shot sometimes, ”said Lance Meek, of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife. “You can never bring someone back after you’ve pulled the trigger. You cannot take a ball back.

Meek is the Hunter Education Coordinator with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife, teaching them all the rules they need to know, including the most basic and important.

“You have to make sure that you are always aware of your target and what is on the other side,” he said.

While this rule applies wherever you are, it says it’s important to also know your local ordinances and where it’s legal to hunt.

“Most areas have a security zone. Like in our wildlife management areas, there is a safety zone around the accommodation or the field office, which you cannot hunt in these areas, ”Meek said.

In Saturday’s incident, officials said the suspect fired from the road.

In Oklahoma, it is illegal to shoot from or across the road.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re in the more rural part of Oklahoma, you can’t shoot across a road or from a road,” Meek said.

Meek says the hunting laws are in place for a reason.

Hunters must follow them and use common sense.

“If you don’t feel good about being safe, you have to pass this shot,” Meek said. “You will have another chance. “

The suspect has not yet been identified.

According to the Oklahoma Game Wardens Facebook page, they will face charges of recklessly discharging a firearm, hunting without the consent of the landowner, illegal taking and shooting from a public highway.