Native Union’s AirPods Beanies celebrate the 20th anniversary of the iPod and pay homage to one of Apple’s strangest accessories: iPod socks.

Native Union has launched a cute protective pouch called AirPods Beanies, bringing back memories of the iPod socks introduced in 2004 for Apple’s iconic music player. During this year’s Apple Music event, Steve Jobs shared some information on music listening statistics and followed it up with the introduction of a “revolutionary new product” for the iPod to the collective laughter of the public. Jobs joked that some brands make more money selling accessories for the iPod than what Apple makes from the device, and that’s how the company’s design team came up with it. designed the socks.

These socks were available in six bright colors and cost $ 29 for the set. As for their purpose, well, Jobs explained that they keep the iPod warm and give them some personality. Even though they were touted as a fun item, iPod socks have since been steeped in the collective memory of iPod fans. Apple doesn’t offer such fun accessories these days, although the polishing cloth showcased alongside the new 14in and 16in MacBook Pro models last week has become an instant online meme.

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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the iPod and ten years after Jobs passed away, Native Union released AirPods caps, a product that brings back nostalgia for iPod Socks. The protective gear on Apple’s true wireless headphones comes in four colors, all similar to the shades iPod socks hit stores. The AirPods caps are made from 100% recycled yarns which include nylon and spandex. Again, taking cues from Apple’s policy of using environmentally friendly materials like recycled aluminum to make cases for devices like MacBooks.

An honest tribute to a fun Apple product

native union airpods beanies

Native Union AirPods Beanies are available in a choice of Glacier, Peach, Indigo and Sage colors. They retain the crest fabric pattern seen on iPod socks, and the two-tone finish along the top edge is an honest tribute as well. The AirPods cups measure 82mm (H) x 50mm (W) x 50mm (D) and weigh only 4 grams. They are washable (hand wash only) and are meant to provide lightweight protection against dust and scratches, but will not serve as severe impact protection. For those wondering, they don’t hinder the AirPods charging process at all.

More importantly, Native Union’s AirPods caps are compatible with all models, from the first generation AirPods to the third generation model that recently debuted. The Native Union offer is sold in a pack of four assorted colors for $ 19.99. The company, which has been making Apple accessories for over a decade, Remarks that it was the iPhone that inspired its founder and CEO Igor Duc to launch the company. Interestingly, before Apple launched AirPods, the company sold another portable audio system called the iPhone Bluetooth Headset, but it was discontinued soon after, giving way to the company’s popular headphones.

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