Sister Wives star Christine Brown has added French decor to her home. Fans believe this indicates Christine is trying to sell her Arizona home.

Christine Brown is kissed by fans of Sister Wives because she’s not like the rest of her cast mates, and the recent update to the wife’s sister’s house is another demonstration of her unique personality. Christine’s subscribers keep up to date with all Sister Wives the star’s new ventures. Recently Christine shared that her latest passion is to beautify her home. From her passion for French style to potentially setting her home up for a sale, here’s why Christine updated her interior design.

Christine hasn’t had the easiest journey as a member of Kody Brown’s unconventional family. Growing up in a polygamous household, Christine was brought up to aspire to be a sister wife. In 1994, Christine became Kody’s third wife, and it wasn’t until after Kody’s marriage to Robyn in 2010 that a change in dynamics rocked the Brown family. Unfortunately, many weak points in Christine’s life have been exposed on Sister Wives, and indicate that the reality TV star may not have known exactly what she was signing up for. Christine even confessed that being in her 40s was a particularly difficult time for her as she struggled to keep up with her husband, kids and be a TV personality. Fortunately, Christine has found ways to cope with these difficulties.

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Fans first noticed Christine was in the process of making some changes in her home when the polygamous reality star posted on her Instagram account. The photo Christine shared featured a slew of new sets inspired by France. Although his followers only got a glimpse of Christine’s freshly decorated home, the Sister Wives star promised she was redoing her whole house. Christine captioned the photo, “I decided to completely change the theme of my house and go for a sort of French country look. So excited !!” Christine has always had an interest in fashion, so it’s no surprise that she turns her home into a haven of style. If Christine is still feeling stressed out like she did in her 40s, she would likely use her artistic passions and do some classic French decorating therapy to make herself feel better.

Another reason why fans think Christine is redeveloping her house is the rumor that she is trying to sell it. Since Christine’s Arizona home appeared on, Sister Wives fans anticipated a move announcement. While some fans quickly believed Christine was selling her house in an effort to leave her unpopular husband, others weren’t so sure. Kody is known to have moved his entire family across the country, and it wouldn’t be shocking if Christine would sell her house to prepare for the plural family’s upcoming move. For fans who believe Christine is selling her home, Christine’s Instagram post says she is upgrading the home in search of a buyer. While it could be, Christine ended her post by saying: “Everything will be happening soon for the Halloween decorations!” implying that she plans to say for at least another month.

Christine could improve the decoration of her house with the aim of making the house more presentable while she tries to sell it or it could be a sign that Christine is showing her artistic muscles again. All Christine’s post demonstrates is that she has a taste and flair for French design. Hopefully Christine can maintain her renovation skills while continuing to spruce up the cast of Sister Wives.

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