According to People, Jonathan and Drew Scott started thinking musically when they were filming the special “Property Brothers: At Home On the Ranch” in 2015. “We grew up on a ranch, we are kids of cowboys and we sang. just around the campfire singing songs; my dad and I played guitar, “Drew told People. As a nod to their musical upbringing, the twins gave up their first songs” Hold On “and” Let the Night Shine In, “but had no idea the tunes would resonate with the fans.” We recorded these two songs as a tribute to how we grew up, we had no idea they would hit so well. , and ‘Hold On’ – that’s ‘Billboard’! so we’ll probably do more, ”Drew told People.

True to their word, the twins released “My House” with Eric Paslay in 2016, according to Wide Open Country. Drew and Jonathan have also shown solo vocal chops in recent years. Per Wide Open Country, Drew wrote and performed “You Chose Me” for his wife Linda Phan in 2018. Two years later, Jonathan made his “Being Honest” debut for the PBS documentary “Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip”, which addressed the renewable energy crisis in the United States. It also doesn’t hurt that Jonathan and Drew are buddies with some of the hottest stars in country music, including Florida Georgia Line. Something tells us that they will only have more songs to share in the future!

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