“These are really simple everyday products,” explains Clémentine Larroumet. She talks both about her own collections, but also about the pieces created by Saint-Lazare, the product and design firm she runs with co-founder Antoine Ricardou and their partner at the head of a new studio. Yorker, Reynald Philippe.

The company has worked on projects ranging from hotels to furniture, and recently a tote bag collaboration with Steele Canvas, a start-up from Massachusetts. GTC favorite and has upcoming projects all over the world. The pair pay attention to detail wherever they go, often stopping at flea markets and vintage stores or finding inspiration on the La Compagnie flight between Paris and New York. Earlier this year, Saint-Lazare opened a pop-up store within the Parisian boutique Merci, which they helped launch. “We did the branding over 10 years ago, so it was fun to be back and play around with that identity a bit,” Larroumet says. “We designed new products including t-shirts and matchboxes which sold very well during the pop-up. Part of our comeback meant we had to show who we are now. We are more than just designers, and we’ve got so much more going on than before – it’s the same soul, just a little different.”

Here, Larroumet and Ricardou share their luxuries necessary for a life well lived.

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The Strainer x Marion Graux

“I found a ceramic piece like this in a vintage store and decided to make a similar one for Saint-Lazare. It’s an object that I can use every day. I chose the plate for the color, the material, because I like the way it feels in my hand. It’s also very useful, and I use it every day. — Clémentine Larroumet


“I started painting with watercolors about 15 years ago when I was pregnant. My grandmother taught me the technique because she was a painter herself. I studied with her for about six months, then I started working on notebooks. My own children loved to paint during the holidays, so we all tackled different subjects, but we worked on them together. — Clementine Larroumet

The personalized leather pouch

“It’s a very simple, envelope-shaped clutch, but because it’s personalized, it looks better.” — Clementine Larroumet

Canyon Grizl CF SL 7 eTap


“When I cycle, I continue to be amazed by the beauty of a place, whether it’s a city teeming with people in broad daylight, Provençal villages at dawn or mountains at dusk. , no matter how many times I have cycled. Riding is both exhilarating and inspiring, making me feel surrounded by endless stories.” —Antoine Ricardou

Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer Watercolor Pencils

Faber Castell

“I always draw and doodle, inspired by every landscape, person, conversation, just for fun or to spark an idea for an upcoming project. Putting pen to paper is the start of my creative process. I also have a collection small Moleskine notebooks with which I have traveled and which I have numbered for many years.” —Antoine Ricardou

“I am constantly moved by the functionality and craftsmanship of an object and love a good basic. We decided to collaborate with Steele Canvas for the way they celebrate raw materials and simplicity in creating the perfect bag, both practical and timeless.” —Antoine Ricardou

“Art is a mainstay of our studio, in all its forms, through curation and as a source of inspiration. Prints like those created by Bernar Venet captivate me not only by the complex process, but also by the delicate result they produce.” —Antoine Ricardou

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