Valve has given users and developers an extremely useful tool for their next laptop, the Steam Deck. Today the developer shared the CAD files of the device which will allow modders to create attachments and other accessories.

The CAD files for the top of the device have been made available for everyone to download in a post by the developers on the Steam Community Forum Saturday February 12.

The files are currently only available under a Creative Commons non-commercial license. Users will not be able to sell any creations made using the files without further permissions granted by Valve. The company urges those considering doing so to contact them directly.

The Steam Deck seems to have a ton of customization options. This includes internal functionality such as the ability to load different operating systems and add storage, and now also externally providing users with the tools to create their own accessories.

Unlike other recently released devices, Valve looks interesting by offering customers a ton of ways to fit their device themselves, or through third-party case vendors. A popular option on this front includes Dbrand, which has its own protective case”Killswitch Project” on my way.

The Steam Deck will begin shipping later this month. With CAD files available to users, it’s only a matter of time before we see many unique designs showcased for the device.