Sajeesh’s newly built house at Mampully in Thrissur, Kerala has caught eyes for its interesting shape and unique design features. The structure has been cleverly designed to fit the 15.5 cent L-shaped plot. In order to protect the large old banyan tree that stands to the west of the plot, the structure is designed to face that direction. Thus, the house looks unique from the doorway and from the inside of the plot.

The house has a porch, living area, dining area, courtyard, kitchen with work area, three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and a living space. study designed on 2000 square feet. Even though the house looks like a two-story structure, it is actually a one-story dwelling. Interestingly, a bedroom has been made in the mezzanine above the porch.

Built-in seating areas are arranged around the banyan tree to take advantage of its cooling shade. Meanwhile, the circular window in the formal living room is designed as a bay window. The front space was transformed into a porch by keeping the pillars and avoiding the concrete walls.

The picturesque sit-out in the floating style is quite interesting. Instead of designing this area as a separate sit-out, the third step leading up to the house has been transformed into a quaint sit-out space.

The interiors stand out for their minimal charm and elegance. Spaces aren’t cluttered with flashy decor or over-the-top furniture. Most of the walls take on the serene charm of the white hue. While ensuring sufficient privacy, the spaces are designed in the semi-open style. Each space has a unique identity while being efficient and useful.

The living room has a double height ceiling. The TV cabinet, meanwhile, is here installed on the wall.

The beautiful courtyard is the highlight of the interiors. The brick wall here has plenty of air holes to provide cross ventilation. In addition, the skylight ceiling also provides natural sunlight. The family says there is no need to turn on the fan or light inside the house during the day.

The semi-oval shaped dining table is quite eye-catching. It has a small bench on one side and padded chairs on the other.

The wall next to the staircase is painted yellow, adding a vibrant ambiance to the interiors. The railings, on the other hand, are made of MS.

The rooms are simple and efficient. The bedrooms adjoining the bathroom also have wardrobes and study areas.

The compact kitchen has everything stored within easy reach. An adjacent work area complements the modern kitchen.

The family says the interiors give off positive vibes that also reflect in their lives. Meanwhile, the designers of this house affectionately call it the “Banyan Tree House”.

Project Facts

Location – Mampully, Thrissur

Land – 15.5 cents

Area – 2000 SFT

Owner – Sajeesh and Dhanya

Architect – Shammi A Shareef

Tales of design, Perinthalmanna

Crowd – 8943333118

Completion year – 2022