• Angry Miao Cyberblade Review: At a Glance

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  • The verdict: should you buy the Angry Miao Cyberblade headphones?

The TWS Cyberblade (or as they appear in My Phone, CYBERBLADE) is the latest entry from Angry Miao, the company behind the Cyberboard mechanical keyboard. Yes, that’s pronounced “angry meow,” and yes, these headphones are as unique as the company that created them.

These are gaming headphones. There’s no denying it, especially since they look identical to Focus device from “Horizon: Zero Dawn”. Of course, this is an intentional choice and it looks great.

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Angry Miao Cyberblade Review

Angry Miao Cyberblade Review

There’s something iconic about this shape that sets them apart from other headphones I’ve tried, and the unconventional nature of the business shines through. Angry Miao sent me a set of Cyberblade headphones over a month ago to try out, and they’ve become my go-to option for gaming sessions.

Angry Miao Cyberblade Review: At a Glance


The inconvenients:


  • Speaker: 10mm dynamic speaker

  • Frequency response range: 20Hz-20KHz

  • Microphone sensitivity: -38dBV/Pa

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2

  • Battery: 75 mAh per earbud, 800 mAh on the case

  • audio format: AAC/SBC/proprietary format

Angry Miao Cyberblade Design: Premium Gamer

The focus of this Angry Miao Cyberblade review is the design. It’s no exaggeration to say that the Cyberblade has the most premium packaging I’ve ever gotten my hands on. The whole device makes a statement from the moment you see the box.

Angry Miao Cyberblade Review

Angry Miao Cyberblade Review

It gives the impression that it will be something special as soon as you open the box.

The Cyberblade comes in three pieces: a docking station, a charging case, and then the headphones themselves. Every part feels well built, from the rotation of the top of the charging case to the weight of the docking station itself.

With lights all over the setupit grabs attention and is a guaranteed conversation starter (especially when the earphones light up as if you’re trying to spot a wayward observer).

Angry Miao Cyberblade Review

Angry Miao Cyberblade Review

There is some similarity between the Cyberblade and ordinary headphones. After all, which don’t come with a charging station? They come with multiple earbuds to make it easy to find the most comfortable fit. And like some other premium options, these contain on-ear controls.

But these gaming headphones couldn’t be more unique either.

One difference here is the function provided by the dock. It’s not meant to move around much, but you can take the charging case on the go, even if it doesn’t fit comfortably in a pocket. And perhaps the Cyberblade Angry Miao’s most noticeable difference is the triangular shape with a single LED light on the side. Just. So. Cool.

Cyberblade TWS Headphones, Angry Miao Cyberblade Review

Cyberblade TWS Headphones, Angry Miao Cyberblade Review

Again, they should not be confused with anything other than game accessories, but that’s not a bad thing. Unlike other devices that try to blur the lines between gaming and everyday use, Cyberblade headphones fully embrace their target audience.

His Angry Cyberblade Miao

Sound quality is where the Cyberblade blows the competition out of the water, and with good reason.

In general, they sound good. I listened to hours of music and made numerous phone calls while using them, and not only was the sound clear and crisp, but the microphone blocked out extraneous background noise. The Hybrid Active noise cancellation allowed me to play something and hear it perfectly without a word of sound coming from my wife watching TV 15 feet away.

As if that weren’t enough, the real magic happens when pairing the headphones to the dock. There are three compute audio chips throughout the configuration, giving it the ability to handle high-end audio processing. It appears in three modes:

  • game booster improves the sounds you hear in games to give you that edge over the competition. How much better would your K/D ratio be in “Call of Duty” if you could hear those footsteps approaching behind you?

  • movie amplifier provides a “virtual” 7.1 surround sound to fully train in whatever you watch or play. Hearing the creak of the bow and the tinkle of a loose arrow in “Horizon: Forbidden West” made it an even more cinematic experience.

  • music amplifier makes it easier to hear the finer details in music. You will be able to distinguish each high and each low. I heard background and supporting sounds in my favorite songs that I had never noticed before.

You can activate and control these modes directly from the dock. By pressing down on the top of the charging case while it’s docked, a button toggles between these modes, each indicated by a different LED color. The Gaming Booster is red and purple, the Movie Booster is yellow and green, and the Music Booster is blue and purple. The top of the case also acts as a giant sound dial, so you can turn the volume up and down.

Angry Miao Cyberblade Review

Angry Miao Cyberblade Review

All modes support the proprietary “SuperFast” mode, which reduces latency to almost nothing. Not once did I notice any discrepancy between anything on the screen and the sound coming out of the headphones, which is much better than the performance I got from my AirPods Game.

The downside is that controlling these modes is a bit more difficult if connected to a PS5, since the quay is in front. I connected the Cyberblade to the PS5 with a USB-C cable and had to get up to switch modes. The functionality of the buttons and knobs on the case worked much better when using it on a PC because it was close at hand.

The verdict: should you buy the Angry Miao Cyberblade headphones?

There’s a lot to like about these headphones. The stellar performance, great battery life, and downright cool looks all appeal to the gamer in me. At the same time, the cost can be a bit prohibitive. At $299 on Kickstarter, they’re a bit more expensive than a standard gaming headset, and some just might prefer an ear cup design on headphones.

That’s a fair argument, but I would counter with the ability to use the Cyberblade on PS5, PC, mobile, and even on Nintendo Switch highlight the added value. Add in the level of comfort and superb lack of latency, and they’re everything I’ve ever asked for in a gaming headset.

If you can vary the cost and are looking for a phenomenal way to enhance your gaming experience, the Cyberblade is worth it.

Angry Miao Cyberblade Review

Angry Miao Cyberblade Review

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