Although we talk about them regularly, we’re not big fans of trends for them, which is why we point out which ones to avoid just as often. And the living room trends to avoid are the ones we most want to draw your attention to.

Your living room is probably where you spend most of your time (while you’re awake), so it suffers more wear and tear than other rooms. It’s as good for relaxing as it is for socializing – which means it’s the space where your guests will be spending their time, so it also gets a ton of scrutiny.

All of this means that the living room is usually the most frequently decorated space in a home, so it’s important to ensure that any living room trends you indulge in remain timeless, stylish and up-to-date whenever possible. .

While some styles work effortlessly in certain spaces, there are others that designers warn are less successful in most living rooms. These are the living room trends to avoid, according to interior designers.

Here are the decorative trends to avoid according to connoisseurs.

1. Open-plan living areas over an entire floor

Open living room with white walls, pink chairs and pocket doors

(Image credit: Robert Sanderson/Future)

The debate over whether you should divide the open-plan living room still remains controversial in the design world. However, Trouvaille Home designer Anne Rainey Rokahr suggests that the urge for open space is over – and it’s time to reintroduce separate zones into your living space.

The designer suggests that open spaces are “overused and overrated at this point”, which means you should move away from an open-plan living room and create more private spaces that are beneficial for working and socializing.

“While some trends may persist in modest ways, interior specialists are moving away from [open spaces]. After the lockdown phase of the pandemic, many have also realized that we need separate rooms in our homes, and I think we will start to see less and less open space layouts,” she says.

If you like open plans but want a compromise – after all, it’s not always practical to divide rooms into an open plan – consider split plan living room ideas or clever zoning techniques with color, l lighting and placement of furniture.

2. Distressed Farmhouse Style

farmhouse living room with cream sofa and vaulted ceiling

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

The classic farmhouse aesthetic has influenced many homes in one way or another, but realtor Gunner Davis of Coldwell Banker Realty says farmhouse living room ideas can put off potential buyers — and so should. be avoided.

“The classic farmhouse-themed faux distressed furniture makes the room feel worn in today’s real estate market,” he explains. “Instead of attracting potential buyers, it puts them off. The equipment and furniture used in the theme are also questioned because of their durability,” he adds.

Instead? Go for a much sharper and smarter farmhouse decor.

3. Complete Minimalism

Beige living room with minimalist decor and Berber carpet

(Image credit: Matthew Williams/Future)

There is a lot to admire in minimalism. This cool, clean style draws inspiration from simplicity to create a simple space that will struggle to go out of style. However, Brendan Kwinter, a designer at Kwinter Designs, suggests that going completely minimalist can be a mistake.

“For 2022, the most thing people should avoid in their living room is absolute minimalism,” says Brendan. “Some minimalist qualities are okay, but personalize the space.” The expert explains that instead of following the trend entirely, you should have a space meant more for relaxation than a room that appeals to a fad.

“Make the room more layered and meaningful to your liking. Don’t be afraid to tell a story with your interior; it should represent you,” he adds.

4. White furniture that can’t keep up with the pace

White living room with pops of color in a Georgian townhouse in London

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

When looking for white living room ideas, it can be tempting to look to crisp furnishings that will introduce the hue into your space. However, as striking as these white pieces are, they can look dirty and outdated over time.

“Although I love using a white sofa in my design, most people don’t have the proper considerations in mind. Then immediately regret the decision when their beloved dog jumps up with muddy paws and ruins their room investment,” says Rebekah Correll, designer at Transparent Interiors.

If you’re considering buying white furniture, Rebekah says you need to make sure your performance fabric is over 30,000 rubs. ‘Avoid fine linens – although attractive, these materials are not durable. It will crumble and stain easily. It’s best used on a room covered with a slipcover or on an item that’s rarely used,” she adds.

5. Patterned wallpaper – if you’re selling

patterned wallpaper with patterned upholstered chair and yellow curtain

(Image credit: Future/Carolyn Barber/Kate French)

We love wallpaper, we love patterns, we love color. Of course, certain patterns will always have a place in our living rooms, however, Gunner Davis urges you to consider your living room wallpaper ideas carefully if you move – or your print could devalue your home.

Gunner explains that younger generations of home buyers are especially discouraged when looking at homes with patterned wallpaper because it doesn’t appeal to millennials or Gen Z. So if you’re considering selling your home , it is important to consider your walls.

Are sectionals out of fashion?

Sectional living room ideas have become trendier than ever recently thanks in part to the increased time families are spending at home watching movies. You can ensure yours stays stylish by choosing neutral upholstery fabric that won’t age and can be decorated around, and making sure it’s easy to clean or remove for washing.