If you are one of those lucky ones to secure the PlayStation 5 from the very limited selection available. You need to make sure you have the best gear to go with the brand new console. Check out the 5 best Sony PS5 accessories in the world.

To get the most out of the new console’s capabilities, chances are you have a 4K TV or watch that supports HDMI 2.1. And a refresh rate of 120Hz especially as this feature gives the user a whole new experience compared to the previous generation of consoles.

5. PS5 DualSense controller: the best PlayStation5 controller

Its Sony DualSense controller features breakthrough technology that’s tuned and ready for the latest generation of gaming. While you will find the same design as the previous controllers, at least in form, it is the interior that makes the difference.

Top 5 Best Sony PS5 Accessories In The World
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It’s not a Rumble Engine that’s in the DualSense but advanced haptics that have enough nuance to understand the action. And give your hands the right stimulation. There are also adaptive triggers.

4. Aim Controllers Customized PS5 DualSense Controller: The most personalized PS5 controller

Sony doesn’t have many alternatives to makeover your PS5 as well as the DualSense controller. While the number of revamped DualShock 4 controllers should be a sign of what we’ll see for the DualSense controller, you don’t have to wait for that. Aim controllers allow for vast – and we’re talking vast! Customize nearly every aspect of the DualSense controller.

Top 5 Best Sony PS5 Accessories In The World
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With aim controller customizations, you can change the colors of different parts of the controller. The color palette available isn’t huge, but the aim controllers offer a decent selection as well as a few different color choices. For buttons and controls, customizing aim controllers goes beyond colors.

3. HexGaming Rival: The best PS5 controller for shooters

The DualSense controller is excellent, but it’s even better with HexGaming Rival. Rival HexGaming. It’s a custom version of your controller. It not only lets you control how the DualSense controller looks and feels, but also how it behaves and feels. One of its most useful features is hair triggers. All they need is one touch and you’ll shoot.

Top 5 Best Sony PS5 Accessories In The World
Image source Website in.ign.com

This will make you more likely to be the first shooter during a game, giving you a huge advantage over other shooters. Rival HexGaming replaces tons of other DualSense components with a cosmetic update and competitive upgrades.

2. Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset: The best PS5 gaming headset

Sony promises its PS5 will offer 3D audio to enhance stereo sound so games sound more real. While this sounds fantastic for those with multi-channel speakers, those using their TV speakers won’t have a similar result.

Top 5 Best Sony PS5 Accessories In The World
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If you’re not ready to spend the money on more speakers or an expensive soundbar. And an AV receiver, then the PS5 Pulse Wireless 3D Headset might be just what you’re looking for.

1. Corsair MP600 Pro LPX: Best PS5 SSD

The PS5 doesn’t come with just a small amount of storage, but it has an SSD plus M.2 slot. To make the most of the more internal storage you’ll need a suitable SSD which we believe is the Corsair MP600 Pro LPX.

Top 5 Best Sony PS5 Accessories In The World
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It lets you bring a huge collection of PS5 games for quick and easy access. This speedy drive has read speeds of 7,100MB/s, which is well above Sony’s second drive specs, and won’t be slowed down by load times. Plus, with write speeds of 5800MB/s, your games will be backed up too.

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