There are some things you just can’t make up and Tito Ortiz is offered a 2 on 1 fight by an adult entertainment company is one of them.

Ortiz has gone from snapping heads on the Octagon mat to being mayor of Huntington Beach Pro Tem. Ortiz recently resigned from his post, citing a “character assassination” and verbal attacks on his family as reasons for his decision.

CamSoda was quick to seize the opportunity to contact Ortiz with an offer like no other.

Here is the offer made to the UFC Hall of Fame for a special attraction on a future Fight Circus card (via Guilherme-Cruz).

“Dear Mr. Tito ‘The Huntington Beach Bad Boy’ Ortiz,

I saw the news that you have resigned your position on the City Council of Huntington Beach, California. It’s a shame to see, given the potential of your political career. # Tito2024 sounded good.

Anyway, with more free time now, I wanted to contact you and come up with a lucrative offer. Given your illustrious journey as a UFC light heavyweight champion, I would love for you to come back to the ring and take part in Fight Circus Vol. 3 is due to take place on June 19 in Thailand. The card features a Muay Thai fight set in a phone booth, a 2-on-1 MMA battle between a UFC veteran and two inexperienced brothers, and more.

My offer is this: I would be willing to pay you up to $ 100,000 to participate in our MMA event on June 19 in a 2v1 fight. You can sort out your opponents.

What are you saying? Take the time to review my offer and get back to me as soon as possible.

We would love to have you the main fight.

Daryn Parker, Vice President of CamSoda.

It is not known whether Ortiz accepts the offer or not.

Ortiz has not competed inside the cage since December 2019. He is leading a three-game winning streak. During this time he beat Chael Sonnen, Chuck Liddell and, more recently, Alberto El Patron. Ortiz had said he had no plans to retire, but his stint in the office hampered him. Time will tell if he wants to compete again.

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