Philips is launching several new monitors that deliver cutting edge gameplay on the Xbox Series X and PS5. Philips new Momentum monitors are designed to provide the best possible experience for next-generation console gamers.

Let’s be clear: getting the most out of consoles like the Xbox Series X and PS5 isn’t easy. But the new, more compact Philips Momentum monitors perform well on all fronts. They come with new HDMI 2.1 connectivity, which delivers 4K resolution and faster 120Hz refresh rates. That translates to jaw-dropping performance, among many other great features in a bite-sized package. intended for the bedroom gamer.

The Philips Momentum monitor series got a refresh in 2020 before next-gen consoles hit retail shelves. This was after Philips joined the “Designed for Xbox” partner program earlier in the year.

The first Philips Momentum display designed for Xbox launched a few months later, offering a massive 55-inch screen for maximum gaming entertainment. For those of us who occupy smaller spaces, or who primarily rely on our bedrooms for console gaming, these smaller 27-inch and 32-inch monitor options are a welcome addition to Philips’ list.

Philips Momentum

(Image credit: Philips Momentum)

Due to the smaller size of the monitors, ultra-precise, ultra-smooth gameplay can now fit into those smaller spaces inside your home. The faster refresh rate gives you a very big advantage over your opponents, while variable refresh rate is also supported, reducing latency and making movements clearer on screen for easier targeting.

The Philips Momentum 329M1RV and 279M1RV will be available from November 2021, priced at £ 899.99 and £ 719.99, respectively. With their compact size and ability to get the most out of next-gen consoles, the new monitors from Philips may soon find themselves among the greats of our list of the best gaming monitors. Here you will also find options with more. screen space to play if you need a monitor to fill a room rather than finding space inside.