Among other things, the pandemic has prompted many Canadians to withdraw into themselves and reflect on their living spaces. In our crusade to make our homes more functional and beautiful, objects and areas that were once thought about after the fact have become subjects of care and consideration.

One thing that occupied our thoughts during this change? The quality of our sheets. When you consider that we spend about one-third (one-third!) Of our lives sleeping, buying five-star linens suddenly seems more of a good investment than a frivolous purchase.

Now that fall has arrived, there’s never been a better time to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary. Just in time, Vancouver’s Once a Tree Furniture announced an exclusive partnership with Toronto-based fine bedding company Au Lit Fine Linens.

An exclusive pop-up experience

Linens Au Lit

From October 4 to November 30, Once a Tree Furniture will host an assortment of luxury Au Lit bedding made in Canada via a pop-up store in its Marine Drive store.

The event is in keeping with Once a Tree Furniture’s 40-year reputation for curating boundary-pushing and upscale spaces, typically partnering with the city’s top designers and focusing on creating custom pieces, made and designed in Canada. It also marks the coming together of two long-standing Canadian brands run by women.

As the first retailer in Western Canada to offer the exclusive Au Lit line of products, the event also presents a unique opportunity for locals to get their hands on the highest quality bedding.

The collaboration between the two Canadian brands has been a long time coming, and Once A Tree owner Daphne Nielsen is excited to share it with other decor and design enthusiasts. “We are delighted to be the first to present Au Lit in Vancouver.

“With the change of seasons and all the extra time we continue to spend at home these days, there is no better time to upgrade your bedding and there really is no substitution for the touch of. luxury that Au Lit adds to any bedroom, “Nielsen explains.” It’s something you have to see – and feel – for yourself. “

Made from fine materials and all-natural fibers, Au Lit is known for its exceptional craftsmanship and unique style.

When the company was founded in 1981, it was among the first bed linen stores in the country to offer sheets made from pure cotton (instead of the rough polyester). After an explosion in popularity, the company quickly expanded to include a full Montreal-based factory.

Create your own bedroom oasis

Roger Mahler / Au Lit Fine Linens

This fall, locals are invited to be inspired by the Au Lit display case, which will be showcased on the ground floor of the Once a Tree Furniture showroom, with 16 serene display beds to fuel inspiration. for the design of your own bedroom.

According to Joanna Goodman, CEO of Au Lit, your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom and needs to have personality while being ultra-comfortable for crawling at night. To do this, she recommends choosing your duvet cover based on your personal style first and selecting the rest of your bedding and accessories from there.

Goodman also recommends keeping the colors neutral. By sticking to a neutral palette, your bedding will remain classic, surviving the latest trends – importantly, because these sheets will last a long time. long time.

It will also make it easier to refresh your bedding throughout the seasons. While spring and summer call for crisp, crisp fabrics, fall and winter mark a return to comfy, thick textiles and warm hues.

As part of the exclusive pop-up, Once a Tree Furniture will present the bestseller of Au Lit Essential Collection 3 Lines, which is a great example of the kind of clean, functional aesthetic you should be looking for. Classically crisp percale and Italian-inspired design are all hallmarks that you can feel for yourself at the upcoming event.

Pop-up store Once A Tree Furniture x Au Lit Fine Linens

When: October 4 to November 30

  • Monday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Private purchasing appointments are available upon request.

Or: Once a Tree Furniture, 750 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver

To learn more about finding the sheets of your dreams and to purchase the exclusive Once A Tree Furniture x Au Lit collection of linens, you can visit

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