For many people, their car is an extension of their personality and who they are. This can affect the type of car you drive and the accessories you buy to customize it. There have been a number of automotive accessory trends over the years. Some stuck, some didn’t. One, in particular, was created for women to make their cars more feminine.

Car eyelash accessory adds personality to your vehicle

In years past, the world of car accessories was very masculine with all its mud flaps and racing stripes. There was a time when most drivers on the road were men. However, this has changed over the decades. In fact, women buy more than half of new cars and are a huge influence on all car purchases. Today, women have as many ties to their cars as men.

Walk in CarLashes. CarLashes, or car eyelashes, were created to give women the ability to make their car more feminine by adding long eyelashes to the headlights. Eyelashes can give the vehicle a more feminine “face”.

Car eyelashes are designed to fit most car headlights. There are different styles for different headlights, so you can choose the suitable ones for your car. Just provide your car’s make, model and year to get the right fit. Once you have your lashes attached, they attach with 3M double sided automotive tape. When installed correctly, Car Lashes can go through car washes and handle normal driving conditions without falling off.

Car lashes were created in Park City, Utah

CarLashes on a Mini Cooper | Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images

There was a time when car whiskers or whiskers on your car grill were popular. They gave a masculine and human vibe to the vehicle.

Dottie Small of Park City, Utah saw a hole in the market. In light of the mustaches, she saw an opportunity for women’s car accessories in the automotive world, according to USA today. So she and her husband, Robert, created CarLashes.

CarLashes was launched in July 2010 by Turbo Style Products. The company has created a Youtube Video featuring Car Lashes and its companion product, Rhinestone Crystal Eyeliner. This video went viral in September 2010. A London Sun reporter picked up the story and called CNN in New York. It didn’t take long for car eyelashes to be showcased at the Wolf Blitzer Show and around the world. They were later featured in publications like Marie Claire and Vogue and reviewed by Rachael Ray and Jay Leno.

So far, CarLashes have been sold in over 150 countries

Car lashes are still around today

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Just do a quick search online for car eyelashes and you’ll find a slew of online retailers that carry this feminine car accessory. Of course, you can always start on the company’s website, CarLashes. You can also go through other online retailers like Auto area, Etsy, Amazon, walmartand many more.

The good news is that the world of car lashes doesn’t just stop at eyelashes. There are many other complementary products. Many of these products can be purchased as a bundle with eyelashes. There is a rhinestone encrusted crystal ball pendant hanging from your rear window. If you like crystal ball bling, there are also dice or a heart version of the same pendant. There is also a Crystal Eyeliner that you can pair with your lashes or use alone. Finally, you can add the faceted chrome mirror cover. With the rear window cover, you get over 1,000 shimmering faceted reflective reflective beads attached to the mirror. It will frame your face in bling as you look in the mirror and sparkle in the sun.

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