In case you missed it, the past weekend was a big one in the gravel biking world. The sport’s most iconic event, Unbound Gravel, has made a comeback. The Flint Hills of Emporia, Kansas were teeming with a colorful crowd of bikes and cyclists – 2,800 cyclists ages 11 to 88 representing 48 states and 28 countries.

In the end, some 30-year-olds – Ian Boswell and Lauren De Crescenzo – took top honors in the 200 mile race, but the big winner has been the sport itself, which has a bright future as the world s ‘opens again.

The industry itself also has promising prospects, not only on gravel, but also on roads and mountains. The latest product deliveries provide a lot of inspiration for getting out and riding just about anywhere.


Echo of the works of the Allied cycle


This new bike perfectly represents the desire to ride anywhere. As we noted last week, the Echo has toggle chips and a corresponding dropout design that lets you tweak its geometry. In 15 minutes, you can adjust chainstay length and fork length to go from a fast road bike to a nimble gravel bike. Considering Allied’s history of high performance gravel bikes, this is super exciting.

Price: $ 6,000 +


Blur of Santa Cruz

blur of santa cruz

Santa Cruz

If you’re looking to fly over slightly rockier terrain, the latest Santa Cruz Blur might be your beast. The brand has put all its experience in the manufacture of a full suspension bike with carbon frame and lightweight AF. This one tips the scales at 23 pounds, more than half a pound less than the previous edition, while still providing four or more inches of travel to get you bouncing along the trails.

Price: $ 4,599 +


Lyft Electric Bike

lyft e bike


North America’s largest e-bike operator brought a lot of know-how to its first lap. The sleek-looking machine features a connected display that is both a dashboard and a speaker, retro-reflective paint, beacon lighting effects, a powerful 500-watt motor and a 60-mile range . Lyft is currently performing beta testing in the Bay Area, with a larger deployment starting in Chicago planned for later this year.


Civilized cycles Model 1

civilized cycles model 1

Civilized cycles

If this ebike is reminiscent of a Vespa, there is a reason: the founder of Civilized owned the largest Vespa dealer in America. Launched later this month, the Model 1 features active suspension to accommodate two passengers and up to 50 pounds of cargo via expandable saddlebags. Oh, and it can move: spin the pedals or crank the throttle and the 750-watt motor will hit 28 miles an hour with a range of 50 miles.



Rapha Performance Trailwear Light Jacket

light rapha performance trailwear jacket


Long famous for its well-regarded road wear, Rapha took to mountain biking last week with his cleverly designed Performance Trailwear collection. A good example is this lightweight windbreaker, which cleverly stows away in its own chest pocket and attaches to your bike frame with an included storage strap, so it’s ready when you need it.

Price: $ 180


Pit Viper High Speed ​​All Terrain DH Pant

pit viper high speed off road dh pants

Pit viper

From a completely different root product – radical retro sunglasses – Pit Viper has just launched a flashier but equally technical mountain bike line called High speed off road. Our favorite piece? These unisex nylon-spandex-blend pants feature convenient pockets where you need them, laser-cut vents on the thighs, hinged panels at the knees, and steeze for days.

Price: $ 132.75


USWE Raw 3

we are believed 3


OK so technically, the new USWE Raw hydration packs are for off-road motorcycle. But we would be happy to combine the Raw 3 with the Blur, Rapha Jacket, and Pit Viper Pants and hit mountain biking trails. The No Dancing Monkey 1.2 harness system minimizes bounce while the 70-ounce bladder consistently quenches thirst and the smart detachable pouch stores gear and food.

Price: $ 129.95


Gnarly Nutrition Fuel2O

knotty nutrition fuel


Gnarly Nutrition’s latest offering might just be the perfect water supplement in this USWE pack. Each 12-ounce serving contains 100 calories of easy-to-digest energizing sucrose and dextrose, along with electrolytes and HMB, which help reduce muscle protein breakdown. Flavors include tropical cherry cola, lemonade and caffeine.

Price: $ 28.95 +


CHPT3 most days

chpt3 most days


Designed by founder and professional racer David Millar, the premium brand’s first in-house collection promises durable, stylish, high-performance clothing that is accessible to a wide range of cyclists. The line includes jerseys, shorts, underwear, a windbreaker, socks, accessories and the first CHPT3 products specially designed for women.


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