If you think your home needs a complete reset, we’ve got the lunar calendar to check out. After a twelve-year cycle of zodiac animals, 2022 is officially marked as the “Year of the Tiger.” An animal known for its strength, bravery and daring, the attitude of the tiger can be applied to how you design your home. That means this is definitely not a year to back down and hesitate to make a statement. Wondering how to incorporate this confident animal into your living room and kitchen design plans? Trust us, chic tiger options abound.

After a year of shipping and renovation delays, the tiger is there to drive out the bad and bring back the good. We’ve rounded up some beautiful decorative items to show off in your home (and even send as gifts) for your best year yet. Whether you’re tired of looking at the same old decor in your home or eager for something new, the options below will kick off your new beginning with a bang.


Tiger Cutout Crochet

Set the tone for your day with a gold tiger hook that’s a chic and eye-catching reminder of your goals for the year.


Tiger print

Invite change this year with an eye-catching tiger print to adorn your wall. It will make breaks in your home office or kitchen area a moment of reflection.


Tropical Dark Jungle Wallpaper

If you’ve toyed with the idea of ​​an accent wall, this wild botanical pattern has all the pizzazz and playfulness to bring to your space.


Flatwoven Tiger Bath Mat

Shake away your stress and worries with a colorful tiger bath mat that adds a bohemian touch to your bathroom.


Tiger Pom Pom Hook Lumbar Pillow

Rest assured on this pillow to provide style, comfort and beauty while you relax.


Faux Fur Tiger Stripe Wooden Stool

Even if you’re a fan of whites and neutrals, this tiger stripe stool will break up the colors of your room once you put it down.


Washed Tiger Tea Towel

Don’t leave your kitchen out of your home makeover! This cute tea towel will be your extra boost of confidence even when you’re cleaning the dishes.


Safari coaster

Set a fierce tone at cocktail hour with these porcelain coasters from Jonathan Adler.


Olivia Wendel Tigers Landscape Cover

Get cozy in this lightweight tiger landscape blanket. It can also be used as a tapestry!


Tiger candle

You’ll look forward to using this candle even when the vase is empty! Fill it with your pens or trinkets once the wax is gone.


Betsey Tiger Throw Pillow

This plush tiger cushion is soft as a cloud while making a fierce statement wherever you place it.


Hand drawn illustration wall clock

If you’re looking for a modern wall clock that stands out, this graphic wall clock is for you.


Brass lucky tiger statue

Place this tiger on your desk or bedside table as a powerful yet subtle way to keep tiger decor in your home.


Hand Knotted Tiger Shag Rug

This rug adds a level of elegance and style. It’s perfect for low traffic areas so you can set boundaries in your home.

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