Anyone interested in 90 day fiancé will know all about Larissa and her history in the series. The reality TV star originally appeared with Colt, but has since moved on and plays in a different title on 90 day fiancé: Happy forever.

Currently, Larissa is in a relationship with Eric Nichols. The couple have been together for about two years now after their match on Tinder. The relationship was formalized in February 2019.

Eric works in sales and he had a one-off relationship with the plastic surgery fan. They broke up last September and Eric made some unlikely friends with Colt – his ex, who lives in Las Vegas.

Eric also lives in Las Vegas and owns a three bedroom house. He joined OnlyFans as Larissa, who made headlines for his decision to join the platform. She has been criticized for her presence on platforms like Camsoda, where she revealed the results of her plastic surgeries.

However, she justified her actions – namely spending $ 72,000 on operations with a plastic surgeon – by saying that she had done it for her family in Brazil.

Larissa in 90 Day Fiance (Image: TLC)

Of course, the fans who watched Larissa on 90 day fiancé with Colt will know about the family she left behind when she arrived in the United States. She was engaged to the Vegas resident within five days of meeting them in real life, but there was a lot of argument once she landed in the United States.

Whether it was an aversion to Colt living with his mother, Debbie, or the heat in Vegas, it seemed like Larissa was never happy – and although the couple got married, they eventually ended up. divorce after various domestic violence complaints have been filed. against Larissa.

During her time with Colt, Larissa revealed that she has two children – a son named Arry and a daughter named Luana. Naturally, fans of the show were quick to criticize Larissa for leaving her children in Brazil.

It was later revealed that Larissa had her son with a man she eventually parted with, her sister adopting him due to Larissa’s financial problems. Later, Larissa had a daughter – who is now taken care of by her father.

That said, her family weren’t happy when they saw that Larissa was spending on plastic surgery while ignoring her risk of deportation. She has since gone on to explain that she not only wanted to improve her appearance with plastic surgery for her self-esteem, but also with the long-term goal of making money for her family.

She plans to use the benefits of her new appearance to earn money, which she will send to Brazil while making a living in the United States. Additionally, she said the reason for her tummy tuck – also known as a tummy tuck – was for her health. In other words, the birth of her two children would have left her abdominal muscles unable to regain their condition before her first pregnancy.

Larissa dated Colt and is now with Eric
Larissa dated Colt and is now with Eric (Photo: TLC)

Larissa is currently believed to be making money from OnlyFans, Camsoda, Cameo, influencer collaborations on social media and more. It’s clear her status as a reality TV star is cemented, as fans were entertained by Larissa appearing on Happily Ever After to plan her breast implants.

One momentous episode saw Larissa planning to switch her breasts from a 34A to a 34DD after meeting Dr Lane, while her boyfriend Eric was also present. Initially, she had wanted to make them much larger, but her plastic surgeon advised against it because it would have seemed disproportionate.

Another surgery Larissa undertook included a nose job, which was reportedly completed in February. However, August saw her come back under the knife and opt for liposuction. According to online reports, she lost about three pounds of fat from her hips and a larger amount from her thighs. Some of the fat was shifted to his back, with roughly a pound in each buttock.

Apart from these procedures Larissa had jobs such as fillers and Botox on her face, Eric allegedly paid the $ 72,000 bill. He reportedly viewed the expenses as an investment, believing that Larissa would return the funds to him over time.

Larissa’s latest episodes of 90 Day Fiance can now be streamed on fuboTV.

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