Tom Birkle: Rooms are for people: making owners richer

The passage of Measure 300 would give an important new property right to landowners, especially those who rent single-family and multiplex dwellings.

It’s no surprise, then, that Measure 300’s campaign donors list includes owners, some of whom have significant holdings. The following list has been compiled from the most recent election donation figures for the City of Boulder, and is ranked based on the actual assessed values ​​of the properties:

# 1 – Stanley Lanzano Jr
Donation: $ 104
Birthplace: Louisville, CO
Properties: New at University Hill
Appraised value: $ 13.5 million

# 2 – Jan McRoberts
Donation: $ 5,192
Birthplace: Reno, NV
Properties: New in University Hill, East Aurora
Appraised value: $ 7.7 million

# 3 – Karlston Nasser
Donation: $ 102
Birthplace: Boulder, CO
Properties: five at University Hill
Appraised value: $ 5.8 million

# 4 – Joshua Medley
Donation: $ 104
Birthplace: Boulder, CO
Properties: Six in Martin Acres, Majestic Heights
Appraised value: $ 4.3 million

# 5 – Kurt Nordback
Donation: $ 1,000
Birthplace: Boulder, CO
Properties: Three in Goss Grove
Appraised value: $ 3.1 million

For owners like these donors, the advantages of measure 300 are clear: double occupancy, double profits. The creators of Measure 300 were asked to add an affordability requirement for the additional bedrooms. They refused. This is why many refer to measure 300 as “the rooms are for profit”.

Almost all of the properties owned by these donors are located in neighborhoods that are candidates for opportunism if 300 pass. These neighborhoods represent the few remaining affordable options for working families. Affordability will disappear. In its place, there will be overcrowding, increased traffic, parking issues and noise.

Measure 300 is the wrong solution to a complex problem. Please vote no. Boulder deserves better.
Boulder County Assessor Database
Boulder (City) Rental License Database

Tom birkle


William Dossett: Sacred Heart: Making Judgments Goes Both Directions

Regarding the September 7 letter: William B. DeOreo: Sacred Heart of Mary: Witness to the crime: I was just wondering what kind of behavior he thinks decades of child abuse priests in the Catholic Church fall under? Anarchist? Blasphemous? Insolent? Something a little worse maybe?

Guillaume Dossett


Judith McGill: Steve Rosenblum: the right candidate for Boulder

Boulder has been my home for almost 20 years. What a magnificent place to live, so that children grow up with respect for people and the environment. I am saddened that Boulder’s reputation as a great place to live has been tarnished. An example from my point of view: I have been robbed three times – THREE – in less than a year. It’s more than at any time in my life, and I grew up in Chicago.

My friends, neighbors and colleagues know that I am a politically independent person who is both compassionate and sane. I want to see our city helping those in need and I also want our community to be safe. We know crime is on the rise and many of our residents no longer feel safe in our public spaces. We know that the loss of a significant portion of our police force and the closure of our prison has only made this problem worse. We know that camping on public land is dangerous for everyone and bad for our environment. We know that we cannot ignore the destructive effects of drug addiction on some of the people living in camps.

I have been looking for candidates for this election who will support ALL of our values. Steve Rosenblum is the only candidate to have actually created housing for the homeless. He also did his homework to understand the specific challenges our community faces and has specific proposals that reflect my values: he will help uplift people and restore safety to our community. There is a way to do both. Steve has the experience and the compassion to get us there.

Judith McGill


Adalyn Fyhrie: Rooms are for people: Supporting graduate students

I own a single family home in Boulder and I support Bedrooms Are For People. While owning a home, I spent seven years as a doctoral student living and renting in Boulder, researching astrophysics and teaching. For five of those seven years, I was living in violation of the occupation laws as they are now written. My fellow graduate students and I found and filled five- to six-bedroom homes with five to six unrelated people instead of leaving those wildly empty bedrooms.

The majority of my fellow students also lived in violation of this law out of necessity due to our low wages. Those of us who didn’t want to share homes joined the tens of thousands of Boulder commuters who clog the roads every day, seeking more affordable rentals in surrounding towns.

The Bedrooms Are For People initiative would help graduate students in Boulder. We are conducting vital university research and teaching the next generation science, math, arts and languages… But most of us cannot afford to live in Boulder without breaking occupation laws. current. Living in violation of the law makes us vulnerable to eviction and housing insecurity. The rooms are for the people would bring stability and security of housing to graduating students of Boulder.

I support graduate students. I support their scientific research and I support them as teachers, and therefore I support Bedrooms are for People.

Adalyn fyhrie


Bill Butler: Darwin Awards: anti-vaccines win hands down

Congratulations! Anti-vaccines are hands-down contenders for this year’s Darwin Award, given to individuals who self-eliminate in extraordinarily foolish ways, thereby improving the chances of our species’ long-term survival. Besides the fact that some 700,000 Americans have died from COVID, anti-vaxxers continue. But don’t worry, there are still many burial plots available in the “It won’t happen to me” section at local cemeteries.

Bill butler