From Scandinavian to shabby chic, choosing the right interior design for your home is a big decision, especially as research by the independent network, powered by VEKA, found that the average Brit only needs 38 seconds to judge your residence. Decorating our home shows the world who we are and what is important to us. It’s a glimpse of our personalities and what defines us.

The covid pandemic has made more people spend time at home. For many, it has been an opportunity to engage in DIY projects, including home decorating.

But what are the most common interior design trends? Are more people looking for a contemporary vibe in their home, or something a little more rustic or vintage?

In this spirit, the mortgage comparison experts at Uswitch were curious to find out what interior design trends are taking Europe by storm. By using the Top 15 Most Pinned Interior Styles on Pinterest, and inserting them into the keyword tool on Google AdWordsannual search volumes for each style were collected, to determine the most popular.


Europeans are famous for having beautiful houses and we can reveal that Scandinavian decorating is the hottest interior style in Europe. With nearly 530,000 total searches across the continent, this Nordic-inspired look is most popular in France, the Netherlands and Poland.

With its practical functionality and minimalist yet welcoming feel, it’s no wonder Scandinavian home decor is a popular choice for homeowners. According to IkeaArguably the most iconic Scandinavian furniture store in the world, this interior style is built around three guiding principles: simplicity, functionality and beauty.

The French show the most interest in adopting this style in their homes. Searches reached 137,000 last year in France, representing a quarter of total searches, with the Netherlands at 14% and Poland at just under 3%.


The second most popular interior style in our study is bohemian, with over half a million searches. Often inspired by a lack of structure, bohemian home decor is a carefree mix of patterns, textures, and colors. It was most frequently searched for in Germany, with over 158,000 searches (which is almost a third of the total searches for this style).

A group of Scandinavian countries also occupy the results for the Boho interior design style. Finland tops the list with just under 100,000 searches, followed by Sweden with just over 36,000.

Bohemian-style interior design is also most often sought after in the United Kingdom (UK). More than 60,000 searches last year were looking for bohemian vibes, centered around personal pleasure and expression; the only rule being that there are no rules.


Vintage is the third most popular interior style in our study, with just under 400,000 searches last year. It is most often searched for in Hungary and Greece, but combined this only represents 5% of the total searches for this style of design.

Based on decorating your home with furniture, accessories and color palettes from an earlier period, vintage interior decoration is the most sought after in France, with more than 106,000 annual searches.


Sitting comfortably in fourth place is the industrial interior design style, with 382,000 searches in total. Normally defined by the architectural features of a space, the industrial interior design style integrates building materials into the room, with an open floor plan. According to our study, this style is most prevalent in southern and western Europe, ranging from Italy with over 70,000 searches to Portugal with around 8,500. total industrial interior design research.


Rustic interior design represents a style that showcases rugged, natural beauty with a casual, weathered vibe. Nearly 190,000 searches took place last year for this style of design, with Norway being the country where it featured as the top result.

Over 7,000 Norwegians searched for rustic interior design ideas, but this only accounted for 4% of the overall search volume; the most being in the UK with over 32,000 searches.

shabby chic

In sixth place, and rounding out our survey of the most popular interior styles across Europe, is shabby chic. More than 162,000 searches took place last year for this style, which consists of furniture and furnishings chosen for their aged appearance, as well as evidence of wear.

It is the most searched design style in Switzerland, with more than 11,600 searches last year (7% of total searches). Shabby chic is the most popular in Germany, with over 36,000 searches (22% of total searches).

Choosing the right interior trend for you

Mortgage expert Florence Codjoe describes what to think about when choosing an interior trend for your home:

Even though Scandinavian and bohemian interior design styles are leading the way across Europe, that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you. Vintage and industrial are becoming increasingly popular, so the best thing to do is to consider different options before making your final choice. The beauty of it all is that it’s your home, so there are no rules. Your interior styles should reflect you and your personality. Other things to consider should be:

  • your budget – think about how much you can reasonably spend before starting the project (you don’t want to do half of it and realize you can’t afford to finish it)

  • The space(s) you work with – taking into account the available space you need to work with, the amount of natural light it receives and whether or not you need to prepare the space before you can make any changes inside.

  • What you already have to work with – maybe you already have items at your disposal that can be used in your chosen interior trend, or recycled into something new. It will also save you money in the long run.