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OCALA, Fla. (WCJB) — The statewide gasoline tax exemption began this weekend and lasts through October.

This is part of tax legislation approved by Governor Ron DeSantis last May. It has approved ten relief items, including tax-free children’s supplies for one year and home improvement items for two years.

John Mendoza was at the gas station pumping gas and giving his thoughts on the vacation.

“I said when I get out of the gym I’ll come here because I see the $3.13 but I see I’m using E85 so it’s $2.93 they use flex here. The prices of gasoline went down and I remember DeSantis saying they were going to suspend 25 cents in gas tax.

That’s what they did, taking off $0.25 a gallon at the pump.

According to AAA on Sept. 30, average Floridians paid $3.39. and now, with the suspension of taxes, many gas stations cost $3.13 or less.

“That 25 cents could mean a difference between buying groceries or some groceries they need. the electric bill, the utilities, that’s definitely going to help,” Dave said.

Mendoza added that he thinks it’s a good thing that taxes are being lifted on fuel because every penny counts.

“Everything has gone up and the gas has gone up. I’m not too worried about myself, but I’m worried about older people. I see more and more older people working in grocery stores and doing different jobs in commerce retail because they were doing well until all this inflation happened and now they’re not doing well.

The fuel tax exemption is expected to save Floridians $200 million.

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