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A coffee table can dominate the room with effortless elegance. The secret to finding the best coffee table is knowing the style, size, and price that complements your lifestyle. You can use a coffee table to cleverly store candles and games or bring charm to your space with decorative accents. As functional centerpieces, they are the secret to finishing your living room. Of course, your coffee table should be proportionate to your sofa (a high table paired with a low sofa makes it hard to relax). All in all, it’s an important piece of furniture, so to help you in your quest to elevate your space, we’ve found the best styles to choose from. Whether you lean towards art deco modern or mid-century glam, there are coffee tables designed with your aesthetic in mind.

Obsessed with decorating your coffee table with books and decor? Interior Define creative director Benjamin Reynaert suggests choosing a two-tier option. “If you can’t resist filling your tray, two levels equal two tables without taking up space!” he says to Beautiful house.

Our list includes glass coffee tables, compact nesting tables, and even a silhouette with comfy ottomans. We also researched different shapes and sizes for the apartment dweller who uses a coffee table for dining or the family who needs an organized entertainment center for the TV. Go ahead and scroll for the best coffee tables of 2022 for every style and price.

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Improved Farm Aesthetics

Gwen Coffee Table

For a farmhouse addition to your living room, this barn-inspired coffee table can showcase your favorite magazines and rustic accents.

Materials: Wood veneer, metal


The most ecological

The town table

Made with recycled and upcycled trees, Sabai’s coffee table is a great option for the city dweller looking for an eco-friendly industrial style. The table legs can be replaced with different colors!

Materials: Upcycled and recycled wood, steel


Best at two levels

Devon coffee table

I can’t get enough of this coffee table! As someone who loves coffee table books and candles, I love how my favorite pieces have a home on a 48 inch wide table. It is a stylish display stand for design lovers who like to organize different coffee table configurations.

Materials: Solid wood, wood veneer


Best Tray Coffee Table

Coffee Table Tray

Minimalists who mix neutrals in their space will happily perch this coffee table in their living room as a side table or as a dual-function table for small spaces. The removable tray is ideal for serving guests or a quick dinner.

Materials: Powder coated steel


Best pop up

George Retractable Coffee Table

Next, a table with the best pull-out storage for books or blankets. It will also be your home’s best kept secret if you need to hide any mail. And feel free to use it as a sit-stand desk!

Materials: Wood and steel


Best Chest Style

Truro coffee table

Bring the outdoors in with a dreamy coastal coffee table that will instantly brighten up your space. The polished look (and feel) will make your home center.

Materials: Resin base, clamshell veneer


Best nesting

Emmaline Frame 2 Nesting Coffee Tables

Modern and affordable, this nesting coffee table is a solid choice if you need a side table for entertaining. Slip it under the high table when the night is over!

Materials: Wood, steel and glass


Best drink

Muse Mirror Coffee Table

Here’s a cool, fashion-forward coffee table that doesn’t have to work hard to be the center of attention. The mirrored base can create the illusion of a larger living room.

Materials: Heat-tempered glass


Best Hidden Storage

Heaton Solid Wood Storage Coffee Table

Style meets storage in this 31-inch mid-century wood coffee table. The generous compartment can hold candles, remotes, or even the occasional toy your child forgot to put away.

Materials: Acacia wood, iron


The most affordable

Mid Century Asher Coffee Table

Or, if the price isn’t enough to convince you that you need to add an affordable mid-century-inspired table to your cart, the sleek glass top and rustic oak storage will.

Materials: Oak engineered wood, steel, brass base and glass top


Best round shape

Odeon round coffee table in different colors

Your friends will be green with envy when they feast their eyes on this ivy-hued coffee table – it’s stunning from every angle. The scalloped base is also a delicate touch.

Materials: Veneer, fiberboard


The most innovative

Union Oval Nesting Coffee Table with Stools

No space? No problem. If the size of your apartment sofa is not enough for your guests, surprise them with a pull-out coffee table that stores the stools! The tufted drum stools are upholstered in a soft chenille weave so you feel like you’re perched on a cloud.

Materials: Solid oak, beech, engineered wood and polyester


Best Rectangle Shape

Alcide Rectangular Marble Coffee Table

A calm yet bold beauty, you’ll amp up the drama in your living room with a black and gold coffee table. It’s industrial chic!

Materials: Marble and aluminum


best stone material

Monti lava stone coffee table

Embrace an organic, earthy feel that will anchor your living room, without looking heavy. The coffee table is surprisingly light if you want to transport it outside.

Materials: Volcanic ash, stone, fiberglass and sand resin


best ottoman

Thad bean bag

If you need extra seating, this comfy ottoman table is a smart choice! Break the rules and relax on a luxurious coffee table.

Materials: Leather, pine wood, iron, foam


best wicker

Penida wicker coffee table

Whether your style is coastal or modern bohemian, this handwoven wicker table has an approachable style you’ll love. The horseshoe-shaped frame will look light and airy paired with your sofa.

Materials: Steel wrapped in wicker

What to look for in a coffee table

Cut: It is very important to know the size of your living room and sofa. If you’re in a studio apartment, choosing a coffee table that takes up the room will gobble up the limited space available. Pro tip: Make sure your coffee table doesn’t exceed two-thirds of the total length of your sofa. It should be the same height as your sofa cushions.

Style and function: There are countless coffee tables available online. Narrowing down what works in your space depends on the purpose your coffee table will serve. Choose from circular, rectangular or abstract table tops to display your favorite coffee table vases and books. Or you can grab a guitar pick with hidden storage as a home for your TV remote. Overall, countless coffee tables have shelves, built-in storage, or even additional seating.

Material: Wood, marble, metal, glass, wicker, there are so many choices! Depending on your preferences, the advantages and disadvantages of certain materials will not affect you. If you have curious animals or small ones, choosing a glass table might not be the best option. For those looking for a centerpiece, a metal drum coffee table can dominate the room, but the downside is that it lacks storage space.

Budget: We found coffee tables under $500 and options over $2,000. You don’t have to break the bank to score a chic coffee table, it’s up to you to choose what’s accessible for your lifestyle.

How to clean a coffee table?

Maintaining the quality of your coffee table depends on the material it is made of. Glass cleaner and a rag can keep your glass tabletop spotless, but it wouldn’t work well on different surfaces. If it’s real wood, use a mild detergent and water. A stone cleaner and a soft cloth are needed to clean a marble table. We suggest keeping coasters on standby as a thoughtful preventative measure to keep your coffee table ring, stain, and smudge free.

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