Skip the tie this year and give the weed-loving dads in your life a cannabis-themed Father’s Day gift. Choose from smoking accessories, storage solutions and other ideas to make the plant more fun and exciting, or choose a good read for dad to enjoy on his own or with the kids.

Invincibowl and Invincipole A broken bowl or rod can be a definitive buzzkill for a bang session. Avoid the problem with unbreakable parts for your favorite smoking room. The Invincibowl is made from aerospace grade aluminum, fits all 14mm joint bongs and comes with a lifetime warranty. The Invincipole will never break during use or when cleaning and is constructed with telescoping technology that allows you to easily adjust the length of the rod between 3 “and 5 ¾”. Fits most 18mm bongs. Both are available in five vibrant colors online.

Hitoki Trident laser bong Dads happy with gadgets will fall in love with Hitoki’s Trident laser bong. The Trident’s patent-pending combustion system ignites cannabis like a magnifying glass focusing the sun’s rays, producing clean smoke and eliminating the need for lighters or hemp wicks. The Trident comes with two ceramic smoking chambers, an adjustable silicone mouthpiece and a 3 year warranty. Add a silicone hose for hookah style use. Available online.

Airtight vacuum jar Staze Exposure to oxygen and light can speed up the breakdown process in cannabis, resulting in reduced potency, aroma and flavor. Staze Vacuum Sealing Jars protect daddy’s weed by allowing him to remove air from the sleek container with a built-in hand pump that creates a tight vacuum seal. A carbon filter in the cap prevents odors from escaping. Available online individually or in sets of three.

Chill Vacuum Insulated Smoking Device People have been putting ice cubes in their bongs to produce fresh, clean smoke for generations. The Chill takes it a step further with a patented double-wall, vacuum-insulated construction that creates a shield to prevent heat from entering, keeping water cold for hours. Chill’s two-piece design and threaded connection make cleaning easy and the patented ceramic interior makes the experience akin to a quality glass piece. Available online in a variety of designs or create a personalized look with the selection of matching bases and necklaces.

Daily High Club The Daily High Club Subscription Cannabis Accessory Gift Sets are the proverbial gift that continues to be given, reimagined for marijuana smokers. Each monthly box features a selection of quality accessories handpicked by smoking experts. Choose from the Connoisseur V2 with seven to nine products in each box, or oversize it with the limited El Primo box. Daddy only smokes joints? Choose the Rawsentials pack, complete with Raw brand rolling papers, filter tips and a lighter. Available online.

Puffco hot knife Cannabis concentrates continue to gain in popularity, but their viscosity and stickiness make them difficult to handle. The Puffco Hot Knife simplifies the process, functioning as a dab tool to load the rig. After picking up some rosin or wax with the ceramic tip, pressing the button heats it up, allowing the concentrate to slide easily into the bowl or banger. No more dirty dabbing tools, sticky residue on clothes or surfaces, or having to wipe concentrates off the side of the bowl. Comes with a USBC charging cable. Available online.

Hydrology9 NX vaporizer Dads who love flowers and cannabis extracts will appreciate Cloudious9’s Hydrology9 NX, a modular filtered water vaporizer for concentrate connoisseurs and flower enthusiasts. Featuring a switchable concentrate atomizer and hybrid convection flower heating chamber, the Hydrology9 NX has been engineered to bring out the best of each material’s unique vaporizing attributes. Available online.

The children of cannabis (Children’s book) Author IB Sekandi says he wrote Kids of Cannabis: My mom and dad work in cannabis; this is our story to help parents engage their children, family and friends in a conversation about cannabis and work-related stigma in the industry. The children of cannabis is the story of three children, Jack, Charlotte and Bruce, whose parents work in the CBD industry. Due to the lingering stigma of cannabis, Jack, Charlotte, and Bruce haven’t told any of their friends what their parents do for work until today. Illustrated by Anna T. Available online.

Acid glass bongs and oil rigs San Diego-based Sour Glass turns 30e anniversary of making American grade mouth-blown glass bongs and oil rigs including the original splash-proof twist bong created in 1991. Or choose from a variety of straight bongs, bubblers, flatware petroleum forms and accessories in a variety of designs and colors. Available online at Twisted Glass House.

MouthPeace Moose Labs MouthPeace is the first physician-backed germ prevention accessory designed to fit gaskets, glass pipes, vape pens and e-cigarettes for a cleaner smoke circle with friends. The original MouthPeace and MouthPeace Mini create a sanitary barrier, preventing direct oral contact with a variety of shared smoking devices. Both varieties are made with high quality platinum cured silicone and come with proprietary filters designed to fit perfectly inside the device. Replaceable filters use activated carbon and triple-layer filtration to remove resins, contaminants, and tar particles while letting smaller molecules, like THC and CBD, pass through. Available online. Dads also celebrating LGBTQ pride this month will love the new Rainbow Sherbet MouthPeace, with 10% of all profits in June going to the Trevor Project.

Letters to America from Willie Nelson (Delivered)

Country music icon and seven-fold father, Willie Nelson is also America’s most beloved cannabis lover and activist. In his new book, Letters to America from Willie Nelson, The Red Headed Stranger remembers his 65-year career, including his relationship with marijuana.

“Sometimes people ask me how many of you have smoked, but there is no answer,” he wrote in “Dear Cannabis,” a letter written to the weed itself. “We’ve been friends for so long, we just smoke each other, we get high and we open up to the possibilities of the present. I finally started to write a love song about both of us.

Other cannabis-related entries include the lyrics to “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die” and a letter to Woody Harrelson in which he mentions “I think we’ve burned a forest of marijuana together since that first joint in the bus to LA ”Although it won’t be released until two weeks after Father’s Day on June 29, Letters to America from Willie Nelson (with co-author Turk Pipkin) of Harper Horizon is now available for pre-order online.

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