Tracking accessories are nothing new. Tile has been on the market for years, although it appears that following rumors that Apple was planning its own tracking accessory, which eventually debuted as AirTags, we are seeing more of these accessories. be launched. In fact, T-Mobile announced its own version.

Known as SyncUP, these are T-Mobile’s tracking accessories. However, unlike Tile or AirTags, SyncUP doesn’t rely on Bluetooth or UWB for tracking. Instead, it will take advantage of other forms of technology such as LTE and GPS. In a way, it could be better than Bluetooth or UWB.

This is because as long as there is cell coverage, you should be able to locate the SyncUP accessory. It is compared to Bluetooth where if you are out of range, it is a shame. The same can be said for Apple AirTags which use the Find My network, which is great in an urban area, but not so great in more remote locations.

Of course, the downside here is that with SyncUP, you’ll have to keep it loaded for it to work, which might not be as convenient, so there are pros and cons. It’s also more expensive than what Tile and Apple are offering at $ 60 per tracker, but if you think that’s right for you, head over to their website for details.

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