Are you really satisfied with your look, but do you want to make it more valuable? No problem, these three accessories give every outfit a stylish update – in just seconds.

For many there is not enough money for new clothes, others want to live more sustainably, or better yet, they are content with what they have already hung in their closet. Nevertheless, with the street style photos of Paris, you sometimes feel pressured, and some of the noble looks can be revamped in seconds. What do you need for this? Three accessories in particular enhance every outfit.

3 accessories you will love

The French classic

Let’s be honest: don’t we all want to look like French it girls? His style is always elegant, but never seems intentional, but rather combined spontaneously. A piece that last but not least through the “Emily in Paris” series object of a new hype, is crucial: the beret. The hat, worn at an angle, is reminiscent of intellectual artists, coffees, croissants and exciting conversations – perfect for adding variety to your everyday wardrobe.

2000 trend with high potential

We wore belly chains up and down in the 2000s. It doesn’t always look super stylish. However, if you don’t wear them with low hipsters, but rather as a double tie belt, things look quite different. It becomes especially elegant when you combine an XL blazer with a chain at the waist. This is how a flattering silhouette is evoked and the outfit recalls the creations of the House of Chanel.

Timeless elegance

Leather gloves are a real timeless when it comes to a chic luxury look. Hardly any accessory has held its place on the fashion scene for as long as they have. Especially in the winter months, noble pieces not only fulfill a fashion purpose, they also keep our hands warm.

Not only has influencer Caro Daur rediscovered leather gloves, but we’re big fans too. And if you want to do without leather for ethical reasons, you can now find many models in imitation leather.

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