Two-thirds of Americans are obsessed with just one thing in their home: their place on the couch.

A new study of 2,000 nationally representative Americans found that 66% of them admitted to having unofficially assigned seats in their homes.

Americans are so devoted to their place that they will argue with another family member to sit in their “place” twice a month.

Whether at the kitchen table, on dad’s reclining chair, or on the family sofa, 68% of those surveyed said they were very passionate about their “place”.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Designer Looks only at Value City Furniture, the survey found that more than half of Americans (55%) would feel uncomfortable sitting anywhere other than their place.

A quarter of attendees said they would politely claim the place and ask them to come.

Regarding why people are attached to certain places, 63% said they associated positive memories with particular areas or furniture in their home.

Old isn’t always gold, however, as 56% of respondents used the extra time during the pandemic to update their home’s interior design and make it more comfortable.

Survey results showed that the average home has seen three comfortable updates in the last year of quarantine, costing the average American $ 752. Three in 10 respondents (31%) even spent more than $ 1,000 to modernize their cozy corners.

Some invested in new accessories like shelves or lamps (33%), new artwork or decor (27%) or a new bed (27%).

Others splurged on a new sofa (26%), new seating options for their living room (22%) or a new TV (19%).

“Adding new furniture and decor, especially when it comes to more seating, can have a big impact on your primary living space. We know that the perfect combination of beautiful style, enduring quality and surprising price are the ingredients to create a preferred comfortable seat for everyone in the house, ”said Jonathan Schottenstein, President and CEO of the management of Designer Looks only at Value City Furniture.

Almost three-quarters (73%) of respondents believe their home has good energy and makes everyone feel comfortable, and 61% pride themselves on spending time and money to achieve this feeling.

Comfort (36%), price (19%) and appearance (16%).
Half of Americans admit they would give in to buying an item they love, even if it is out of their budget.

What’s the most exciting home upgrade to buy? Almost three in five Americans say it is a sofa / recliner for their living room.

Buyers are also keeping up with the times, with 59% of them specifically looking for sophisticated technology upgrades when buying new furniture. Top features they look for include adjustable footrests or headrests (38%), LED lighting (24%), and built-in USB / charging ports (32%).

“Sleek and high-tech doesn’t have to mean expensive, especially if you’re shopping for a recliner. The style and technology added to them meet all your digital needs, and when it comes to aesthetics, it is possible to find pieces that combine high-end design with high quality and remain affordable, ”a added Schottenstein.

Top 5 Home Shopping
Sofa / recliner (58%)
Televisions (33%)
Artwork (32%)
Candles (31%)
Cushions (29%)

Top 5 cozy places at home
Bed (51%)
Sofa (51%)
In a chair / recliner (37%)
In the tub / shower (22%)
In the yard (21%)

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