SEATTLE – Sometimes in life you look for signs. But for Seattle mom Katy Haymore, the typical motivational quotes you see hanging in stores or homes didn’t speak her language.

“You’ve seen them everywhere and I kind of rolled my eyes every time I saw them or went to the Hobby Lobby,” Katy said. “Like where am I? I can’t see it anywhere. And then one day I was like […] I will do it.”

he started his own business called Karter Designs.

“So Karter Designs is a decor for the tough guys. So not your vanilla, not your Live laugh Love. If it’s you that’s cool. Just real, honest and raw. “

Raw is a good word to describe Katy’s creations. So it’s funny, racy and shamelessly honest.

“In my opinion, it’s inspiring. But other people might be offended.”

She does most of her work from home. She started with signs, but extended her line to just about anything you can put words on.

“There are signs, wine glasses, coffee cups, comforters, coasters. I design everything too.”

She sells her items online and at craft shows across the Northwest, where Katy’s work always elicits a reaction in one way or another.

“When I’m at an event, I love that people love it. But I think what makes me even happier, in a twisted sort of black humor, is when people throw dirty looks and I can see they are offended […] I think it just catches people off guard. “

Katy Haymore knows her inspirational signs aren’t for everyone. But she also knows that there is an audience out there that sees the world, just like her.

“I think these are things people think but don’t say. And that’s my problem, it just came out. But I’m making money so it’s good.”

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