The contemporary design trend towards maximalism is here to stay, at least for now. In the same trend that brought the great millennial decorating phenomenon to youth centers around the world, retro colors and patterns have recently resurfaced on social media, perhaps in an effort to distract attention from the boredom of staying at home. The piece on the Instagram feed of every taste maker now? The Ultrafragola mirror from Memphis Group founder Ettore Sottsass.

Capturing this moment of nostalgia, Saint Laurent Artistic Director Anthony Vaccarello released a capsule collection in collaboration with the legendary Italian design group as part of the fashion brand’s Rive Droite line. The collection, which features both wearable and decorative art, marries the elegance and luxury of Saint Laurent with 1980s candy from Memphis Milano, and allows those savvy design connoisseurs to bring their favorite decor to their wardrobes.

Ettore Sottsass, Carlton room divider, in wood and plastic laminate.

Vaccarello’s cheeky capsule collection perfectly translates the futuristic spirit of Memphis Milano into clothing: easy streetwear that still looks like Saint Laurent – crisp, simple, clean – but infused with 1980s vim. Sneakers and hoodies are fun and of the moment; a pair of hot pink dresses retain the silhouettes of the Saint Laurent brand while stamped with scribbles straight out of Saved by the Bell.

High-top leather sneakers with color block

SL24 Mid-Top leather sneakers from Saint Laurent.

The partnership coincides with Memphis Milano’s 40th anniversary – in 1981 the group, under the leadership of Sottsass, launched its postmodern products, bringing minimalist but whimsical pieces to the forefront of contemporary design. An exhibition in Saint Laurent’s two Rive Droite stores – rue Saint-Honoré in Paris and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills – coincides with the launch of the collection and includes iconic pieces of the time such as the Boxing Ring cabinet by Masanori Umeda and the Carlton room divider from Sottsass. Organized in place of Vaccarello, the Rive Droite collection seeks to “democratize” modern luxury, and its timeless and chic balance at Saint Laurent meets its equal in the colorful cheek of Memphis Milano.

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