A child safety expert has warned parents to make sure their children’s bedroom doors are closed before going to sleep, as it could help save lives.

TikTok user Dr Ness shared the best advice on social media, in a video that shows an image of a house severely damaged by fire, but one room appears to have miraculously survived.

The video is titled “Which room do you want your kids to get on fire in?” and in the clip, the pediatric emergency doctor explains that the room survived the fire because the door was closed.

In comparison, the room with the door that was left open is completely burnt out – but luckily no one was injured in the original fire as the situation was created for demonstration purposes.

Dr Ness said parents should remember the ‘shut up before you go to sleep’ message

Dr Ness went on to explain, “So this is a perfect picture, you can tell the difference between keeping your bedroom door open or closed in the event of a fire.

“So if you haven’t watched the video I made earlier, shut up before you go to sleep.

“That’s why, so if you look, it was a fire in the same house – it was set up for research purposes and this room had the door open during the house fire, this one had the door closed during a house fire.

Dr. Hess in TikTok video demonstrating the dangers of house fires
She said keeping the door closed at night could save lives in a house fire

“Which room would you rather be yourself in and which room would you prefer your children to be if you were unlucky enough to have a fire in your house.

“Please close your doors before you go to sleep, close them before you go to sleep, and sleep well and have sweet dreams. “

In another video, she explained why closing your bedroom door makes such a big difference in a fire.

She told viewers: “Keeping your doors closed decreases the amount of carbon monoxide that enters rooms in the event of a fire.

“It decreases the heat in the room, increases the amount of oxygen, which in turn increases the chances of survival and the time you have until rescue.”

The first video was uploaded on Thursday, June 3 and has since had 293,000 views, nearly 100,000 likes and over a thousand comments.

One user said: “Love you posted this my husband is a firefighter – he always says there is nothing he can’t stress enough about and that is to close the door.”

Another added: “I learned this in elementary school from a firefighter and since then I literally can’t sleep if the door is open.”

While a third added: “Also fire extinguishers in your house, we have one in every room. Have it and know where it is.”

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