Khalid had spent enough time in Europe and Qatar before returning to build his dream home in his hometown of Tirur, Malappuram. Impressed by some of the architectural styles and techniques he had seen abroad, Khalid had incorporated them into his brand new home here. Cement finished walls and glass windows without grilles are among them.

Many had tried to dissuade him from trying these designs, warning him that they could pose security threats. However, the owner was determined to install the glass windows, which instantly catch the eye for their elegant appearance. He swears it’s easier for burglars to get into the house through the front door than to open those solid windows.

The elevation features an elegant box-shaped design. Part of the elevation is done in cement finish while the rest has been painted in cement finish emulsion. This lends a spectacular old world charm to the elevation of the house.

Instead of leveling the plot below road level, the structure was built with a pillar-beam-slab foundation. The owner says a considerable amount of money has been spent to build this solid foundation. Meanwhile, the roof is made using the infill slab technology. This makes the interior cooler by reducing heat.

The front door, with the sliding gate, perfectly complements the amazing theme of the house. Interestingly, most of the trees were kept in the front yard. During this time, the yard was paved with stones and natural grass in alternating layers.

This beautiful abode, designed over 2950 square feet, features a sitting area, formal and family living areas, courtyard, dining area, kitchen, and four bedrooms.

Since the family does not live here permanently, the porch is not built. The sit-out, meanwhile, has been transformed into a green space with many indoor plants. Besides, there is also an open courtyard here. The bamboo that is planted here has grown through the hole in the ceiling. A GI pergola has also been fitted on the balcony.

Built-in benches are arranged in the sit out to make it a comfortable space. The family says relaxing amidst the mesmerizing greenery here is truly a unique feeling.

The living room and the dining room are designed in double height to make them more spacious. Gray colored marbonite has been used for flooring to lend a rustic look to interiors. Meanwhile, furniture is made in GI pipe finish and plywood.

The majestic triple-height bay window is the highlight of the interiors. Natural sunshine enters the house in abundance through this window. Dining room chairs feature reupholstery work done on GI pipes.

The island kitchen is chic and has all modern appliances. A quaint breakfast counter has also been set up near the counter. The cabinets here are made of GI pipe and bison board with a mica finish.

A connecting bridge on the upper floor allows a splendid view of the ground floor. Two bedrooms each have been fitted out on the two floors. The rooms are also designed in the rustic theme. The bedrooms have attached bathrooms and wardrobes for storage.

The pleasant ambience of the interior spaces brings out the rustic theme. Meanwhile, streamlined lights on the structure add more dimension and charm to this fabulous abode at night.

Project Facts

Location – Tirur, Malappuram

Land – 30 cents

Area – 2950 SFT

Owner – Khalid

Designer – Unais Ahmed

Finial Builders, Tirur

Crowd – 9847668944

Completion year – January 2022

Photos – Akhil Komachy