Home building is the most complex of all projects. There are a few key steps to create a functional and comfortable living spacewhether you live in a separate house or apartment, or have design authority over your part. Choosing the right furniture, the right storage solutions and an appropriate color palette is crucial to creating your personal space where you can live and relax. That said, what’s the next step? We are now at the decoration stage.

The importance of interior design is arguably similar to the extent to which everything in the house must have a place. What you decorate shows your vibe to others by setting the mood and making a statement. Everything in your space reflects your personality, from the colors to the textures you choose. The next pop art canvas is perfect for adding charm and style to your home whether you’re looking for a more vibrant accent, a livelier space, or if you’re looking for something a little bolder for yourself and your home.

Lips Pop Art Wall Poster

When considering incorporating pop art into your home decor, you simply cannot ignore the famous pop art lips. Lips canvases are the ultimate expressive works of art showing a sense of bold, fun, playful, daring and erotic style. Therefore, if you want your bare walls to pop, consider hanging some lip art on them. You can choose any lip color you like like bubblegum pink, bright red or other brighter shades like yellows, greens, golds, blacks, etc.

Modern Watercolor Pop Art Painting

A random watercolor pattern on a white or black background is safer. the modern side than traditional pop art but will add a lot of brightness and color to the interior of the whole room. Simple brush strokes in a single luminous shade will provide a soothing effect while being fun and playful at the same time.

Brand Abstract Pop Art Wall Hanging

A bright, multicolored pop art painting inspired by louis-vuitton makes the house and the wall both vibrant, joyful and intense. Look for your favorite design, in vibrant hues like purples, bright yellows, oranges and reds, with sparkling green eyes. Using these vibrant colors will allow the painting to stand on its own against a bare or black wall and be an instant focal point for anyone.

The traditional Pop Art painting of Marylin Monroe

How can we miss this? It is one of the most traditional works of art in the world of pop art globally. You can opt for a Marilyn monochrome painting, with a hint of color on the lips, making the artwork look elegant and artistic. This color palette will be more than enough to make your home decor pop without being overwhelming. You can hang this painting in any part of your house, such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc.