Due to their low prices and fast delivery, Shein has become a go-to for many people looking for trendy clothes without shelling out a fortune.

Perhaps influenced by the countless positive reviews and customer wins on social media, one style lover decided to give the China-based brand a try.


It’s safe to say that Bianca’s first experience with Shein was a hitCredit: TikTok/@biancavalentina055
She was particularly impressed with their accessories, most of which get top marks


She was particularly impressed with their accessories, most of which get top marksCredit: TikTok/@biancavalentina055

Luckily fashion fan Bianca Loghin was so impressed with her shopping that she shared the success on TikTok.

Bianca started now viral video with props, demonstrating what the items looked like on the website compared to in person.

Among the products was a stunning pearl necklace – this trendy little number was a winner, as she gave it the maximum rating of 10/10.

The scrunchies she wrapped in neutral tones also received the highest points and looked exactly like the ones Shein advertised.

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Perhaps the biggest winner in Bianca’s eyes was the two stunning pearl earrings with gold detailing – the chic and elegant jewelry was rated 1000/10 and Bianca couldn’t help but be obsessed with it. them.

While looking for ear jewelry, the customer also came across a lovely pair of mini pearl earrings – but although they are equally stunning, she gave them 8/10.

It looks like Shein is the place to go if you’re looking for cheap yet stylish earrings, as their next pair, adorable mini hearts, also received top marks.

During her shopping spree, Biance also bought a phone case with an “S” design printed on the back (10/10), velcro rollers (10/10), a brush to stimulate hair growth (9/ 10), a delicate necklace layer with a gold pendant (7/10), a hair accessory for night curls without heat (10/10), as well as a wide belt with a golden buckle – that was another 10/10.

Seeking to replenish her wardrobe, Bianca also sought out affordable clothes – however, these didn’t impress her as much.

There were trendy denim bottoms that scored 10/10 – but things went downhill quickly from there.

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Bianca seemed particularly disappointed with the black flared bottoms, as they were too short for her 5’9 frame.

This, she explained, is why they only got a humble 5/10.

To end the video on a high note, she showed off an oversized black t-shirt (10/10) and one with a plush design for her boyfriend – the latter also got top marks possible.

Other shopping fans loved the transport just as much, with one confessing: ”I’m hooked [sic].”

Another wrote: “I bought these pearl necklaces for all my bridesmaids! I love them.

”Only complaint, they are not very long, so I had to buy extension cords [sic].”

Shein's earrings were the winner in her eyes


Shein’s earrings were the winner in her eyesCredit: TikTok/@biancavalentina055
Bianca also loved their denim bottoms, giving them 10/10


Bianca also loved their denim bottoms, giving them 10/10Credit: TikTok/@biancavalentina055
The lovely layered necklace with gold pendant received 7/10


The lovely layered necklace with gold pendant received 7/10Credit: TikTok/@biancavalentina055

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