Greetings from Main Street, USA We’re spending the day at the Magic Kingdom and then popping into Disney Springs to see if we can find some new merchandise.

We were hoping to find more Halloween decorations in Magic Kingdom today, but unfortunately nothing new was added.

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The only Halloween decorations at this point were pumpkins on balconies and door frames. We’ll be sure to let you know as more decorations are added. Since Mickey’s Not So Scary’s first Halloween party takes place on August 12, the decorations will be up very soon!

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101 Dalmatians puppies have been added to the main street fire station.

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Lucky stares at the dog treats in the bucket above him.

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Patch can be seen taking a nap on top of a fire hose.

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For all Winnie the Pooh lovers, there is a limited edition jewelry box that you can receive if you purchase all 5 new Winnie the Pooh charms.

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In the Emporium, MagicBand+s are now locked and will need to be unlocked by a cast member to purchase.

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A new Pirates of the Caribbean magnet has sailed into the Emporium.

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You can celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hercules with this new pin that just hit the parks. This pin features the Muses, Pegasus, Hades, Pain & Panic.

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A new Zootopia mystery pin set is now available. Each box contains two pins randomly selected from 10 ZPD series designs. The series includes Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Officer Clawhauser, Officer Delagato, Chief Bogo, Officer McHorn, Officer Andersen, Officer Fangmayer, Officer Grizzoli, and Officer Pennington.

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We found a spooky new Haunted Mansion watch at Uptown Jewelers. His watch features the three ghosts hitchhiking inside a doom buggy.

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As we entered Tomorrowland, we noticed that the Mickey pride flag mural had been removed. Remnants remain where the mural once stood on the wall.

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A visit to Magic Kingdom wouldn’t be complete without a ride on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover.

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As we drove near the construction in Tomorrowland, we noticed the missing gears from Tomorrowland Light & Power Co.

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A Jim Shore Madame Leota figure can now be found in Memento Mori along with other new Haunted Mansion items.

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This spooky glass decanter features different images of the haunted mansion.

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And finally, these Haunted Mansion earrings were also available in Memento Mori. It would be the perfect way to show your love for this beloved attraction.

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We decided to head over to Disney Springs and see what other merchandise we could find today.

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A new Jack Skellington backpack has arrived at World of Disney at Disney Springs. The black backpack features a 3D design of Jack Skellington’s face.

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There was also “The Nightmare Before Christmas” tote bag. This bag features many characters from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, including Zero, Oogie Boogie, Sally, Dr. Fickelstein, Mayor, Lock, Shock and Barrel. Jack Skellington was in the tote bag.

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We found a pair of Jack Skellington and Sally socks. These socks go together because they are simply meant to be.

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And finally, two new Cuddleez were available in Disney World, with Jack Skellington and Sally. If you’re a fan of “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” be sure to grab these two cuties if you see them flying off the shelves.

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We’ve spotted a new pair of 50th Anniversary Crocs from Walt Disney World. Mickey and Minnie are featured in the design, and they include a 50th Anniversary Jibbitz.

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For warm days, look no further than this Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade fan. This fan joins all of the other Main Street Electrical Parade merchandise that has recently appeared in Walt Disney World.

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For all the Haunted Mansion lovers, now you can bring home a Disney Tails dog toy for your best friend. This dog toy includes the singing busts from The Haunted Mansion.

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A new “Hocus Pocus” Alex and Ani wristband is available just in time to celebrate the release of the new “Hocus Pocus 2” movie on September 30.

Thank you for following our day.

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