Perth home improvement company Re Nu has unveiled an increase in employment for the city as part of a £ 100,000 investment.

During the pandemic, the firm doubled its workforce and is poised to launch a major expansion.

The company currently employs 16 artisans, designers and office workers.

It has seen increasing demand as people have spent more time in their homes and completed our DIY projects.

Chief Designer Dave King said: “We have seen a huge increase in orders since last summer.

“A lot of customers tell us that because of the pandemic, they aren’t spending on things like vacations.

“So they choose to invest this money in their house instead. “

Re Nu doubles Perth staff

The company, based in Perth’s Lower Friarton industrial area, plans to recruit new staff later this year, including apprentices.

Mr. King said: “This recruitment will also involve continued investment in the company itself, from vans and training to constant updating of our studio, to ensure that our clients achieve the highest standard. on duty.”

The Re Nu Perth team with their new pickup trucks.

The company, started less than two years ago, initially as a bathroom showroom, now offers plumbing and heating, carpentry and construction services.

The expansion saw the company double the size of its design studio.

It has also invested in design software and in training two full-time designers in Perth.

Re-enter the community

King said the expansion gave the company full control over all aspects of its projects, from concept to completion.

He added, “This means that we can guarantee our customers the best quality of design and installation for our core bathroom business.

“It also means that we can provide a full range of home improvement solutions.

“And just as important, it means that we are able to offer good job opportunities at a time when people are more concerned than ever about job security.”

The six-figure investment has allowed the company to redesign its design studio and invest in vehicles and equipment, as well as hire new staff.

Mr. King believes the expansion is also benefiting the community.

He said: “It also means getting back into the community by making sure our team is well taken care of and that we provide good jobs in times of economic uncertainty.”