Parenting decisions are always a hot topic of debate. A parent on Reddit learns that after expressing that he wanted to start locking his bedroom door at night to prevent his child from sleeping with him. Their spouse disagrees. Now they wonder if they are making the right decision.

The anonymous relative shared his story on the subreddit thread, “r/AmItheA–hole” (AITA), soliciting other users’ opinions on the situation. Users had the choice of giving them a “You’re the A-hole” (YTA) rating if they thought they were wrong or a “You’re not the A-hole” (YNTA) rating if they thought they were wrong. they weren’t. .

Parents want to lock their bedroom door at night to prevent their child from entering.

They began their message by saying that their 5-year-old refuses to sleep in his own bed despite numerous attempts to do so. The child often comes to his parents’ room at night to sleep with them.

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“They just wake up and waltz around, sometimes 5 minutes after bedtime, sometimes 5 am,” the concerned parent wrote. “It’s a nightmare to get them back to their own room and it usually ends up in a fight with my spouse; who just doesn’t care and leaves my child cosleep.

They add that there is a lock on their bedroom door, but their spouse does not allow them to use it.

However, they want to start locking their bedroom door at night to prevent their child from entering during the night. The parent thinks this will teach the child that he should sleep in his own bed at night.

“I think by closing our door at night we can teach our child ‘tough love’ and I expect the first few nights to be terrible, but hopefully by the end of a week or so my child hopefully learn they can’t come in anymore.”

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However, their spouse expressed disapproval of the decision. “Naturally my spouse is against this and thinks I’m an asshole for wanting to ‘lock up my kid,'” the parent wrote. So reddit am I the asshole?

The parent added that he had been trying to train his child to sleep since the age of two and had tried several methods to get his child to sleep in his own bed, to no avail.

Many Redditors criticized the parent over their decision to lock their bedroom door at night and pointed out that it was unsafe and would only harm their child.

“YTA. Locking them up is not sleep training. Kids regress around that age and you really need to sleep training,” one user pointed out.

“I think this is too much ‘tough love’ for a five year old. They won’t understand and will be stuck in the house while parents ignore them,” another user wrote.

“Let’s say you lock the child up, they sleep for a few hours, and you fall asleep, then that child is going to panic and be alone without parental supervision. They’re not going to just turn around and go back to bed.

One user acknowledged the dangers of parents locking their bedroom door at night, while also suggesting that the parent and spouse reach a civil agreement on how to handle the situation.

“Coming from someone whose house burned down in the middle of the night when I was a kid and I ran to the parent’s room because my dad was always sleeping through loud noises… DON’T LOCK THE DOOR!! It’s just not safe, everyone thinks the worst won’t happen to them until it does,” the Redditor wrote.

“However, you are not wrong to want your child to sleep in her own bed, but it seems that you and your wife are not on the same wavelength. If she still insists so much on sleeping together, it is maybe time to talk to a counselor because there are so many stories of marriages suffering from couples who never have alone time,” they added.

Hope parents will find a solution soon so that everyone can sleep peacefully at night.

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