Actress Kangana Ranaut recently gave people a glimpse of her home with a virtual tour while hosting a few friends. From her comfortable living room to the dining room, her house was open. Several elements have been meticulously designed and have been custom designed, such as its in-house bar, its balcony adorned with vines and its swimming pool. Kangana used eclectic pieces such as a Marilyn Monroe lamp and her Frida Kahlo screen to embellish her residence. If you loved his Himachal-inspired residence, then we bring you your decoration styles you have to explore to design a similar living space with a rustic vibe.

  1. A den with a dressing room and a blush work desk

The best part about Indian homes is that almost every space doubles as another and serves multiple functions. A good way to do this without compromising on style is to plan a den that has your walk-in closet as well as a dresser or desk where you can go back to correspondence or even work from home. Choosing a room with a large source of natural light is considered ideal for this purpose. You can also take home a pink colored work desk that complements the walls as well as the floor beautifully.

  1. Cushions that add a touch of color

When planning a home with immaculate ivory walls and hardwood floors, you should take the opportunity to introduce a pop of color every now and then. A fun way to do this is to bring home some chic cushions with trendy prints. Choose original themes that use vibrant hues to let your personality shine through this element in every room.

original cushions

original cushion

  1. Floor-to-ceiling windows and plants

If you want to give the illusion of having more space, opt for bay windows. The house of Kangana does precisely that and it is reminiscent of its Himachali roots. You can also add a touch of greenery with saplings and succulents that love shade just like Ranaut did as an ode to his home in the mountains.

original decoration

mirrors for interior decoration

  1. Wacky works of art for a young atmosphere

When we live with our parents, most of us have little or no control over the type of paintings or knickknacks that are on display in the living room. However, if you are just redecorating your bedroom or looking to spice up the vibe of your bachelor apartment, then this is the perfect opportunity to add a youthful vibe to the home. Use wacky artwork based on themes like your favorite cartoon, TV series, or book to accomplish this goal.

original decoration

It is always interesting to get a glimpse of the glamorous interiors of a celebrity house. While some of the designs can be enchanting, others provide a deeper insight into the resident’s personality. Now is the time to select the items for your home that say a lot about you!

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