ONALASKA, Wis. (WKBT) — An Onalaska woman’s home decor went viral last week. Zillow Gone Wild showcased the house, with a homemade panel that caused a stir online.

Lauren Hegenbarth, who lives in the house with her husband, Austin, and three children, has an affinity for interior design.

“It’s just my style – the modern farmhouse type stuff,” Lauren said.

Her home is adorned with signs that label spaces and feature sayings about family. Austin teases her for her design techniques.

“Well, there are a lot of signs,” Austin said. “I like to talk about that. I like to say, ‘Well, where’s the pantry? Oh shoot, that’s it. Because there’s a sign above the pantry that says pantry.

Lauren gets a lot of her decorations from TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby, but not all of them are store bought.

She made about half of these herself, all of which blend perfectly with the store-bought decorations. One sign in particular hangs in the master bedroom that reads “Welcome to Poundtown.”

She did it as a surprise for her husband when he was out of town.

“Oh, I loved that,” Austin said. “I liked it. I thought it was hilarious.”

When they decided to sell, a picture of each room was uploaded, including the bedroom.

“Our realtor listed it, and he didn’t even realize it was in the pictures, and then he started getting messages about the sign,” Lauren said.

The list was posted on a Friday and the following Monday, April 18, Twitter account Zillow gone wild Post.

Lauren is a fan of the page, but she and Austin weren’t expecting their house to be posted on it.

“People have a good laugh about it, but I didn’t think the world would be talking about us because of a sign above our bed,” Austin said.

Lauren has always had a flair for sign making, but her small business has never seen such a boom before.

“During the holidays, I was doing like, holiday decor. And then I just started December with the fun signs and I only did a couple of them,” Lauren said. “My little group that I had which numbered 120 a week ago and now has … 5,000 members.”

Lauren, who has received numerous commissions, has just launched a website where people can buy her designs.

“Maybe I could just take this and run with it and start my own little business!” said Lawrence.

Lauren also has a facebook page for tamer creations and a private facebook group for those interested in poundtown type decor.

The Hegenbarths will leave this home this summer, and Austin and Lauren say the sign is with them in what they call Poundtown 2.0.

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