A classic misconception about interior design is that it’s just about decorating and beautifying a place. But what most people don’t know is that it’s also a science that addresses the crucial aspect of improving a space by making it more efficient and functional. As such, it is essential to seek out a trust service provider like Landon Marsh.

Hailing from Nicholasville, Kentucky, the talented 18-year-old interior designer is making waves for his remarkable work. He specializes in glamorous aesthetics, grand designs and captivating settings. Due to his keen eye and impeccable taste, the young man had the incredible opportunity to work with several celebrities including Chief Keef, Polo G, Sierra Gates, Yandy Smith-Harris and many more.

Yet despite his success and impressive accomplishments, Landon Marsh’s journey has not been easy. After all, the young professional felt like his ideas weren’t welcome in his hometown, as most people prefer understated designs and rustic looks.

Nonetheless, the dedicated individual persevered and continued to pursue his passion for interior design, and in April 2018, he founded the company, Most Glam Homes of Insta. He was only 14 when he started the Interior Design and Home Decor brand.

Still, it took off and quickly grew, gaining over 10,000 subscribers in its first week alone. Since then, he has steadily honed his craft and Landon Marsh has become one of the nation’s most esteemed interior designers and decorators. Now, her IG page has amassed a follower count of over 105,000.

In addition to this, he has started other businesses including Most Glam Homes Construction which focuses on building and managing the construction of new homes as well as renovations.

This time, however, the extraordinary individual collaborates and projects with seasoned interior design company Luxury Home Interiors LLC. Along with his equally brilliant partner Dee, he travels the United States designing and renovating homes.

As the dynamic duo proudly shared: “We are a one stop shop, from construction and design to furniture and accessories. Most interior designers just design and then you have to outsource everything. But we offer it all.

Besides their unparalleled expertise, both Landon and Dee have a very extra, bold and modern glam style that most designers don’t have. This confidence in making bold choices is what sets the duo apart from all the competition.

The outstanding interior designer has undoubtedly solidified his reputation as an authority in the industry. In the coming years, the creative young man plans to expand his reach and connect with more clients who want a touch of Landon Marsh in their homes.

For more from Landon Marsh and Most Glam Homes of Insta, check them out on Instagram. You can also visit the construction of most Glam houses here.

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