With a new Ford Ranger on the way, naturally, new official accessories are also arriving. Ford of Australia showed what will be on offer Down Under (which you can consult in detail, here)and their parts can make the Ranger look extremely beefy.

There are plenty of accessories featured on the truck up top, and many of them are from Australia’s off-road parts behemoth that is ARB. The steel front bumper, recovery hooks, skid plates and even fender bars all provide great protection. The front bumper is also available with a variety of front arches, at least one of which has integrated LED lights. And of course big round ARB off-road lights are also available.

Many other parts are also available. Truck caps, bed drawers, roof racks and more provide storage solutions. A snorkel provides cool, dry air. There are shock and spring upgrades as well as more common items such as scuff plates, phone chargers and wheel locks.

We doubt all of these parts will be offered in the US, but some of them might appear. Ford actually started offering an ARB front bumper in America on the outgoing Ranger. But even if some of these accessories don’t end up being sold by Ford America, it probably won’t be too difficult to import some of these parts yourself.

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