Animal Crossing: New Horizon ran a live today (or 10/15/21 for you time travelers) and it weighed a ton. New information on everything from The Roost’s return to its Happy Home Paradise Paid DLC was only an emotional 20 minutes for Animal Crossing fans.

One of the things I’m excited about is the amazing new options they’ve come up with for home interior design if you talk to Nook and get something called the Professional Decorating License.

Besides that, you can also customize the exterior of your house to look like different types of buildings, from castles to minkas, they also showed the new things you can do inside.

First of all, they added partitions! These useful little knots allow you to separate small parts of rooms. Besides looking cool, it has a lot of uses. I can finally put a real dining area in my kitchen. You could, potentially, make a walk-in closet or a divided bedroom in your bedroom. My weird editor could make a champagne room for any club he’s turned his house into, don’t know what’s going on there and I’m not asking.

They also added pillars. While this one isn’t as useful, having pillars in your house could lead to all sorts of things like turning rooms into weird temples or ruins or just making your place look too majestic. However, I have to wonder how weak the building material of this island is if you need a pillar to support the ceiling of a room the size of a small studio.

Accent walls will also be a part of this. As someone who lived in a condo where I put an accent wall in every room but in the bathroom, I’m okay with that. The accent wall feature allows you to color or wallpaper one particular room instead of all four, allowing for greater visual pop.

The ceiling decoration will also finally be available. Instead of covering the interior of your home with wall sconces like so many Charles Dickens, you can finally install lights on the ceiling and out of the way. Plus, hanging fans, plants and mobiles and anything else you can hang up there will be available to really give your room a sense of depth. Why break that fourth wall when you can just hang the decorum.

Everything will be fine with the fact that the villagers will now be able to invite themselves to your home to look around you. I can’t wait to see one of these mannequins get lost between my furniture and partitions as if it were the Labyrinth.

Oh, speaking of getting stuck in houses, they also add the ability to move your character in tight spaces. Finally, you will be able to have furniture close enough to each other so that they do not seem to be afraid of getting too close to their TV.

All of that and then some are hitting Animal Crossing New Horizons as part of their last free “major” update on November 5th. Prepare to be obsessed with ACNH again.

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