It looks like it’s going to be a hot summer for the girls – and a hands-free summer too, thanks to MCM’s summer 2022 release.

For summer 22, MCM adopts a new “hands-free”, as the brand puts it. In line with its “DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME” campaign, the German luxury fashion house is giving new meaning to the phrase “look ma, no hands” by releasing ready-to-wear clothing and accessories manifesting unrestricted mobility during your summer adventures.

Handbags like the München and Dessau in viestos and monogram prints offer two straps for hand and shoulder portability.

But what about handle bags? Won’t you have to wear them? Not under the supervision of MCM. Clearly, the German luxury fashion house has planned its Summer ’22 drop, without your hands, including removable logo straps in its range, even for your stubborn strapless bags.

Meanwhile, pieces like the Fursten camo bum bag, mini key pouch, and Aren shoulder bag go for the full “hands-free” aesthetic, except when you need to take something out of it, of course.

Better yet, let’s forget about the hands altogether. MCM Summer ’22 also continues the ongoing partnership with PHENOMENON, dropping a camo cargo skirt with multiple large pockets, including a mesh emergency pouch that can easily double as a bag to hold essentials like keys, lips , some dough and a card or two.

Then, of course, MCM’s slide sandals, ranging from M Pup prints to classic monograms, are here for your hands-free slip-on pleasure.

Speaking of the famous MCM Pup, the brand’s adorable mascot appears again as its signature M Pup doll. Of course, the decorative piece fits into MCM’s complete mobile independence. However, it will be up to you if you decide to undo the break in your hands to hold, carry and cuddle the playful toy.

Don’t let your hands get in the way of a great time this summer. MCM’s summer 22 drop – now available on the Online Store – wants you to live your best life in the coming season, worry-free and hands-free.

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