A man has been slammed online after pranking a woman who has no sense of smell by putting a dead fish in her bedroom.

In a now-deleted post on Reddit’s r/AmITheA**hole forum, a woman with the anonymous username u/TARottingFish shared her story to get feedback from the “AITA” community.

The OP started her post by explaining that she was born without a sense of smell and she was never able to find out why, even from doctors. However, she wrote that she didn’t mind, and the only time it’s brought up is when someone asks her to smell something. She admitted that her family was worried when she was growing up and when she first moved because she couldn’t sense any danger.

A woman holding her nose. A man has been slammed online after placing a dead fish in a woman’s bedroom, which has no sense of smell, as a ‘prank’.
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The PO explained where the conflict started: “The other day my boyfriend was over and after he came into my room he started choking and then throwing up. He said it smelled like rotten fish, so I searched and found a fish wrapped in newspaper under my bed. mostly confused and then angry.

“Today I found out my friend’s boyfriend was the one who put it there because I was talking to them about it and her boyfriend says he did it and I should tell him I can’t smell since I messed up the prank I don’t even know him that well I didn’t find it funny and it’s not even a good harmless prank so I told him exactly that. He took it the wrong way and left sulking,” she continued.

Her friend agreed with her while other people thought she was wrong for being “straightforward” about a prank.

Newsweek contacted u/TARottingFish for comment.

Newsweek published several articles about pranks, including a woman who was defended for leaving her fiancé’s family trip because of a swimsuit prank, how the Internet supported a woman for disinvited her brother and her father at his wedding because of a prank and a woman was backed online after refusing to put fiancé on the house title because of a prank.

What is “congenital anosmia?”

According to the definition of the National Center for Advancing Translational Science, congenital anosmia is a condition in which people are born with a permanent inability to smell. Symptoms begin when a baby is born or during infancy and can be determined by a doctor. It is a rare disease with fewer than 1,000 cases in the United States.

If a person is diagnosed with the condition, it could cause them to have less interest in food, causing unplanned weight loss, and it could also lead to depression, according to nysinuscenter.com. There is no known cure for congenital anosmia.

Editors’ reactions

U/MrKrory questioned, receiving the top comment of over 20,000 upvotes, “[Not the a**hole]. Can people stop using ‘pranks’ as an excuse to be a jerk?”

“A stupid ‘prank’ indeed! Just like jokes, it’s only a joke if the target is laughing too. Otherwise, it’s just meanness and intimidation. And in this case, meanness . [Not the a**hole]. He needs to grow up,” u/KaliTheBlaze exclaimed.

U/RiverSong_777 asked: “[Not the a**hole] and [what the f**k?] How can anyone think you’re a [a**hole] for that? How can he think that a) this prank is good and b) pranking someone he barely knows is appropriate? He is 13 years old ?”

“[Not the a**hole]. I hate pranks, especially ones like this…it’s not funny. I’m going to hold back my words because I don’t want to get in trouble. Very simply, you did nothing wrong OP, rotten fish man is the one and only [a**hole] here,” commented u/FlyGuy1922.

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