A German can claim workers’ compensation after slipping from his room to his home office.

the Guardian reports that a German court ruled that the man’s walk to his home office – which consisted of “a few yards” – counted as a home-to-work trip. The man’s home office is located upstairs below his bedroom and the levels are connected by a spiral staircase. He apparently fell and broke his back, and his employer’s insurance denied him coverage.

Court documents noted that the man’s walk was the first on the eve of breakfast, which later became more important when the Higher Federal Social Court explained that “the first morning trip from bed to office to residence [was] a guaranteed work route.

This means that the situation matters for accident insurance since it was his “first” trip to work, meaning he could not claim workers’ compensation if he had been to work. his office after eating. The German court continued: “The plaintiff suffered an accident at work when he fell on his way to his home office in the morning.”

“If the insured activity is carried out at the domicile of the insured or in another place, insurance cover is provided to the same extent as when the activity is carried out on the premises of the company. The court stressed that the law concerned teleworking jobs, or “computer workstations which are permanently installed by the employer in the private space of the employees”.