CITY OF SPRINGVILLE, Wisconsin – A 31-year-old man was arrested Monday after an alleged armed standoff, which involved the man threatening to kill response authorities.

According to a press release from the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, deputies from the Sauk County Sheriff’s Office called for help Monday at an address in Adams County in the city of Springville.

The statement said MPs were hoping to arrest a man for a “criminal case” in Sauk County.

When MPs visited the Springville home, officials said people inside said the man they were looking for was not at the house, but MPs eventually found the man from 31 years old under clothes and blankets on a bed in a bedroom.

Authorities said the man was armed with a knife in his hand.

For the next 90 minutes, MPs said they tried to talk to her to comply and drop the knife. Meanwhile, officials said he said he would “kill the MPs,” the statement said.

The statement said he was then taken into custody in the Adams County Jail using “less lethal force options.”

Several charges are being referred to the Adams County District Attorney’s Office for review, including attempted first degree manslaughter and reckless first degree endangerment of security.

News 3 Now does not name the man at the moment because he has not been officially charged.