In this week’s episode of DMTV Milkshake, Dough design studios Beth Dotolo and Carolina V. Gentry chat with us about everything that makes a home a home – that makes it a spectacular home, with ease of welcome, signature scent, smart (and inexpensive) artwork. ) on the walls, and more.

With offices in Dallas, Seattle, and LA, Dotolo and Gentry not only work with their clients to create gorgeous spaces, they also publish Interiors magazine. Icon and produce their own line of products, such as their obsidian candles. This expertise is why we asked them to create a signature scent for your home, a topic that also featured in their response to create a welcoming space. “I think welcoming home always has a distinctive scent,” says Carolina. Beth adds, “I also think having a sense of humor in your decor also creates a welcoming home. If you don’t take yourself too seriously, people don’t feel too serious about you. I just think it automatically creates a feeling of comfort.

indoor outdoor lounge

Also in this Milkshake, Carolina and Beth recommend specific sources for their favorite signature scents, how to create a luxurious bedroom on a budget, and what decorating jobs most people reject, but shouldn’t: “We’re talking about this with our customers all the time, ”says Beth. “A lot of people who have kids feel like they can’t design their homes yet. They have to wait to buy nice things until their children grow up. If you buy nice things, think about the right fabrics and how to design for your family, the kids will be kids, but also adults spill red wine and stuff. You shouldn’t wait until baby gets older to design your house.

living room with art

indoor outdoor dining

Carolina adds, “I have a cream colored sofa, and the two big babies who live here – myself and my husband – have managed to keep it nice and clean, and we’ve spilled so many things on it. Just hire a designer who can tell you what fabrics to put in your home.

Diana Ostrom, who has written for Wallpaper, Interior Design, ID, The Wall Street Journal and other media, is also the author of Faraway Places, a travel newsletter.

Milkshake, the first regular series from DMTV (Design Milk TV), shakes up the traditional interview format by asking designers, creatives, educators and industry professionals to randomly select interview questions from their favorite bowl or container. . During their candid discussions, you will not only gain insight into their personal collections of household items, but also valuable insight into their work, life and passions.