Channel your inner heroine with Japan’s Department of Magic.

In May of last year, Japanese fashion brand Felissimo opened a sub-branch dedicated to making anime fantasies come true. Called “Department of MagicThe special releases bring grown-up elegance to the fantasy magical girls theme, and this fall they are releasing a range of products with a new theme to inspire the magical girls who have all grown up.

The theme is “Magical Girl Tears“, and the delicate beauty of the clothing and accessories in the range is meant to mean the hope and courage behind the magical heroine, whose struggles and tears throughout her journey belies an inner strength and courage.

The first element of the range is the Suzuran blouse (Lily of the Valley Blouse), priced at 7,040 yen (US $ 61.86).

The oversized collar is a talking point in itself, but when you look closely you will be able to see some delicate embroidery depicting Lily of the valley, the flowering plant of the woods with the sweet fragrance which means “return to happiness” in the language of flowers.

The blouse also comes with a removable pearl-shaped decoration on the end of each collar. This shiny embellishment is designed to looks like a sparkling teardrop, and you can choose to take it off on days when you feel like you’ve “got over sadness and got happiness.”

To complete the outfit, there is also a matching skirt, with a fishtail silhouette that would look like the shape of a tear.

The “The fallen tears sparkle with hopeThe skirt is priced at 7,590 yen.

The stars around the waistline portray how the fallen tears shine brightly, and the glittery tulle on the hem signifies the hope that lies beneath the magical girl.

Those who want to add more sparkle to their outfit will love the Bracelet with shimmering tears, for 2,530 yen.

As shown in the picture above, the delicate charm of the bracelet represents sparkling tears, falling from the tear-filled eye of a magical girl. Glancing at this throughout the day will remind you of your own inner strength and give you the courage to continue overcoming the obstacles on your own magical journey.

Like the previous Department of Magic collections, this one is a collaboration with designer and illustrator Fouatons, who is hugely successful on social media.

â–¼ The original design concept by fouatons.

And just like the other Department of Magic collections, that last drop – or should we say tear? – is sure to be incredibly popular. The range can currently be purchased in line, where you can find other magical items, like this school of magic uniform, to help you add strength and sparkle to your everyday life.

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