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Le Creuset’s stunning Olive Branch collection is to die for.

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As one of the best suppliers of premium cookware, new arrivals from Le Creuset always cause a stir. And that’s exactly what just happened with Le Creuset’s new Olive Branch collection.

Signature Soup Pot from the Olive Branch Collection

Named after the countless olive trees in Provence on the border between France and Italy, the new collection embosses the branches and leaves of the olive tree on every kitchen utensil. The company’s goal with this design is to “evoke a sense of peace and serenity” for all who use and display it.

Speaking of display, this new collection wouldn’t be a Le Creuset collection without coming in a variety of unique colors. The Olive Branch line also includes a handful of new colors:

  • Artichoke – a deep green
  • Matte Cotton – a soft white
  • Indigo – a deep blue
  • Marseille – a soft and romantic blue
  • Nectar – a burnt orange

In the Olive Branch collection you will find all kinds of famous Le Creuset kitchen utensils in a variety of colors. For example, you can get an Artichoke Dutch Oven or a Nectar Braiser for baking. Or maybe you want to opt for an Indigo Signature Skillet for stovetop cooking. Most parts are available in any color, so you can put together the cookware of your dreams.

Le Creuset’s new design, the Olive Branch Collection, is on sale on the Le Creuset website. New customers will also get free delivery on their first order, regardless of size, so visit now to decorate your kitchen with olive branches.

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