Welcome to Jet Set. Below, check out our favorite travel items and accessories right now. Julia Cherruault for Observer

Welcome to Jet Set, a recurring feature in which we highlight our favorite accessories and travel must-haves, perfect for any type of trip. Travel is starting to open up again, and whether you’re already planning your next adventure or just starting to consider venturing out again, we’re here to help with all of your jetting needs. From a chic ruched catsuit and TSA-sized laundry accessories to sleek pants and the best on-the-go yoga mat, these are the travel pieces we love and covet right now.

Laundress x Frances Valentine.

Frances Valentine x The Laundress hanging cosmetic kit

Eco-friendly and clean laundry brand The Laundress has teamed up with Frances Valentine to create a chic and practical set of your new travel essentials. The collaboration includes three travel bottles of The Laundress’ cult products, including their wool and cashmere spray (use it to refresh your clothes on a chilly day between washes); Wool and Cashmere Wash (it is specifically formulated for these luxury fabrics); and finally the Laundress Sweater comb, to remove lint or pilling on your layering pieces. Everything comes in this new hanging cosmetic kit, which has more than enough space for your new laundry essentials as well as all your other vanity case favorites. It’s perfect for this time of year, when we all travel with sweaters and heavier fabrics. $ 98, Françoise Valentin.

Something from Navy x Bandier.

Something Navy x Bandier Ruched Catsuit

Arielle Charnas of Something Navy recently released the cutest sportswear collection with Bandier. Trendy athleisure will make you really look forward to working out, yes, even if you are on vacation. We especially love this ruched catsuit, which is just as adorable as part of your everyday look. Plus, since it’s only one piece of clothing, it takes up little space in your suitcase, unlike your regular sports bra and leggings set. $ 108, Bandier.


Manduka eKO Superlite 1.5mm Travel Yoga Mat

Speaking of training, it’s time to upgrade your fitness equipment on the go. Instead of trying to use your hotel towel as a yoga mat (yes, we’re talking about personal experience here), consider Manduka’s new ultralight travel mat, which is thin and light enough to sit on. fold up and tuck away in your bag, but still provides enough cushion so you don’t get tired during a workout. $ 45, Manduka.


Piglet bottle green ribbed merino wool wide-leg pants

A good travel outfit should be both comfortable and chic, that’s where these large merino wool pants come in. They’re loose and comfortable, but snug enough so they don’t look sloppy. $ 189, Piglet.


Luxie Face Rose Gold Complexion Brush Set

Minimalism isn’t for everyone, and if you can’t stand the thought of traveling without your entire beauty wardrobe, consider this face brush set, complete with all the tools you need to perfect your foundation. $ 60, Luxie.

Jet Set: 5 new accessories to enhance your travel experience