Interior designer Jeremiah Brent says next year will see a return to lagom. contrary to hygge and Niksen, this Nordic approach to life and interiors roughly translates to “just the right amount”.

We’re always curious to see emerging interior design trends at the end of the year and, according to Jeremiah Brent, minimalists and maximalists will meet in mid-2022.

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Jeremiah Brent’s “lagom” conception prediction

Jeremiah Brent is an interior designer and HGTV star Nate & Jeremiah’s house project. As you can see from her Instagram feed full of neutrals, woods and marble, her style is modern, intimate, and, shall we say, pretty. lagom.

Sharing his trend forecast for 2022, Jeremiah says people will “gravitate to the ‘lagom’ lifestyle,” embracing his celebration of moderation. Good news for lovers of Scandinavian design – your space is probably already well balanced.

If your home decor is more eclectic but you want to channel some Swedish moderation, look for practical, no-frills designs. A statement chair. A houseplant with plenty of room to breathe.

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Jeremiah Brent says people will be looking at “functional simplicity in home design and decoration.” This move towards no-frills interior design is reflected in some recent research from Yelp.

Not only does this show that searches using the term ‘lagom’ have increased by 33% in just 2 months, but we are already feverishly searching Google for ‘Murphy beds’ that fold up as well. Space-saving furniture and multifunctional interior design ideas are essential to create a lagom clutter-free and easy-going environment.

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Lagom is said to originate from the Viking word “laget om”. It translates to “fair share” – used to describe how much one should sip from a bowl of soup or mead around a fire. After the indulgence and excesses of the holiday season, this is something we can certainly embark on in the New Year.

So what else can we expect in the world of interiors in 2022? Jeremiah Brent says our homes will be full of “dusty blues and textured finishes.”

He thinks we will incorporate more raw materials like stone into our spaces, and we will be more likely to work with local artisans. Are you planning to modernize your home next year?

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