Creative life begins with Artistease Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (NewsView) Step into an artistic home and lifestyle with Freedom Tree. Infused with new creative energy, home is a place filled with the things we love and with no rules about how we put them together. As we intuitively layer our spaces, Artistease encourages us to be adventurous by abandoning convention for personal expression. Through an artistic ensemble of furniture, furnishings, decorative objects and ceramics, our Artistease collection enhances everyday rooms with color and craftsmanship, giving you all the tools to paint your own story! From 30 years ago as TaketeMaluma, India’s first contemporary home decor store, to India’s first trend and color consultancy studio, Freedom Tree has grown into vibrant home decor stores across the world. India and online. With our bold design, graphic prints and brilliant hue palette, we inspire our tribe to fearlessly express themselves at home and infuse their spaces with personality. Creative Impulses Artistease takes place first in the living room with textiles and tabletops integrated into the art. Upholstery and cushions go back to the drawing board with an imaginative explosion of illustrative strokes and handcrafted textures: a vibrant offering to give your fingers tactile interest and your eyes visual delight. The same feeling of naivety runs through the furniture. Constructed from raw wood and carved into simple shapes, the new coffee tables and side tables are boldly primitive. Humble finishes take center stage, reclaimed woods are given new life and up the wow factor with industrial verve. The creative spirit continues in the bedroom, a soothing cocoon for inspiration! Light, easy and beautifully dreamy, finely crafted quilts and woven block throws bring warmth through winter, while printed white sheers filter in a soft glow that inspires daydreams. On the table, the hand-painted ceramics are playfully rendered, their colors and free-spirited lines bringing childlike joy to every meal. Handcrafted light fixtures highlight natural local materials and decorative vases combine sculpture and simplicity. Looking at the increased creative energy and attention people are giving to their interiors, the decorative mood of 2022 inspires a greater sense of individuality. Combining practical living with a playful mix, Artistease is designed to let your creative impulses run free! Buy now. About Freedom Tree Freedom Tree was founded by Latika Khosla to bring joy and color to everyday life. As a renowned color consultant and advisor to national and global brands, Latika’s ability to capture the zeitgeist is reflected in Freedom Tree’s vibrant designs and timeless, yet current appeal. With collections that combine form and function and prints designed to be mixed and matched, Freedom Tree has become a unique design destination to infuse homes and workspaces with bold color and energy. Learn more. Image: Turn your home into a canvas with Freedom Tree PWR PWR

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