It’s officially “Hot Vax Summer”, and we know most of you can’t wait to get out there and do stuff …all things. But some of us are still indoor cats, and we prefer to snuggle up in the comfort of our air-conditioned living rooms and browse the latest installment of “Dirty John”.

For those of you who don’t feel like venturing outside (yet), we’ve got it. But we also know that you’re probably tired of looking at your same old walls. And if you are staying indoors, why not take advantage of this time to spruce up the living room a bit?

As we always do, we turned to Instagram’s design gurus for inspiration.

We’ve scoured hundreds of living room decorating posts to identify which ones got the most double hits. What we found is that the collective internet must be a little nostalgic: the warmest design schemes all have a little vintage touch.

It turns out that sometimes the best way to decorate your home with today’s styles is to look to the past. From art deco-inspired textiles to faded wall prints and brightly colored retro lamps, these five living room designs offer beautiful inspiration that crosses the ages. Scroll down to see them and be sure to check out the ways you can steal the looks.

1. Mix ‘n’ match neutral canapes

Remember all that brown, beige and white furniture from the 70s? Well it’s back, but this time with a stylish makeover in the form of these neutral mix ‘n’ match sofas presented by @forthehome.

“Pairing furniture in natural tones is an easy way to bring style to your home without worrying about matching patterns and colors,” says designer and color expert. Diana hathaway, beautifully colored. “With the decline of the sofa and loveseat set that has graced our living rooms for decades, neutral pieces to pair give that reunited vibe without the dreaded matchy-matchy look.”

Have the look: Consider adding these Crosby chairs to your living room.

2. Black and white geometric patterns

Neutrals, aren’t they your thing? Make your decor stand out with these art deco inspired black and white geometric patterns from @anthonywdesign.

“Black and white color palettes are a hot trend, and what better way to show it off than with a gorgeous geometric print,” Hathaway says. “Rugs are the more natural choice for this bold pattern, but the throw pillows and even the artwork work wonderfully.”

To keep your design from getting too busy, choose a plus size piece in a black and white geometric print.

“It’s good to add black and white flowers – and even stripes – to the room, especially if you’re also adding plants and wood elements to balance things out,” Hathaway adds.

Have the look: Bring some of those classic black and white vibes into your space with this geometric Kiril rug.

3. Retro lamps

Everyone needs mood lighting in their living room, but why not make it summery and fun with a retro lamp like the one from @mattinamoderna?

“The lights in your living room can add character to the space”, explains the designer. Andra DelMonico, by Trendey. “Choosing a vintage-inspired lamp can create an eclectic feel when combined with bohemian and modern pieces.

“You can mix your vintage-inspired lamps into almost any living room decor,” she adds. “Try to find lamps that match your living room color scheme. “

Have the look: Be funky in your living room with this candy floss ombre cone lamp.

4. Holiday inspired prints

There is something soothing about faded tropical prints that look like they were taken 50 years ago. These vintage vacation prints from @puresaltinteriors are a must-have reminder that palm trees and boardwalks still exist whether or not we visit them this summer.

“Holidays allow us to get away from it all and see our environment differently”, explains the designer. Michelle Harrison-McAllister, by Michelle Harrison Design. “Adding holiday inspired artwork to your home is a visual reminder that allows you to channel this time. “

Have the look: Frame your favorite vacation views or shop these coastal palm prints from Etsy.

5. Dark blue walls

Deep blue is the color that’s absolutely everywhere this year, including in this atmospheric Mid-Century style living room by @georginashomedecor.

“The dark blue paint color is a stealer for any other room in your home,” says Harrison-McAllister. “This simple yet bold color gives off so many different flavors, from moody to refreshing, with a neutral balance that promotes striking results for the other design elements in the room.

Have the look: Get a bucket of Dress Blues from Sherwin-Williams to bring all of those retro moody vibes into your space.

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